First of Four Days Off – RunLog 9-3-18

I was successful today…I didn’t run.

Hunter and Bennie are finally starting to get along a bit better. During our afternoon nap session today. Just a week ago this would have resulted in WW3.

Day 1 of probably 4 days off. Yesterday I tweaked my left hamstring again and while it isn’t all that bad, it still pulls just a enough to know that it not quite right. So I will give it a few days to relax and get rid of that tight feeling.

Also, I have a feeling that it also time to take a rest week, I have 12 consecutive weeks of 30 plus miles and the body might be telling me it is time for a chance to heal all the little niggles have accumulated over a very good summer of training.

That listening to my body stuff.

Although when it comes to the actual part of resting, it might be more like just not running. I still get to walk Bennie 4-5 miles a day, yard work and I even got on the elliptical for 45:00 minutes.

What happens when you mow the edges wearing shorts in 88*F and high humidity ;-). Not recommended for others, but at least I had shoes and socks on hehehee

For some reason, the Elliptical does not bother my hamstring at all and I can go as long as I want on it, so it gives me an alternative that I can do while waiting for the hammie to stop complaining.

I did put one of my old Velcro knee straps around the area of the hamstring that is complaining and it really seemed to help when I was walking. It gave enough support to the hamstring without needing to be taped or use a ace type bandage around it. Which made it nice and more convenient.

Now to do some easy stretching this evening and relax a little.

Let’s see if I can make it to Friday without running, I can’t guarantee that I will, but that is my plan. After all, I did think about running a mile today ;-).

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