3 Days Off – RunLog 9-4-18

I haven’t run since Saturday, but will probably run Thursday. However, I will wait until then and see how the body feels before deciding to one way or another. 🙂

See I can do this.

A nice sunrise this morning from the top of the hill. I still liked it better when this was a hay field, but it is progress.

Actually, the only kind of rest that I seem to be doing is not running. Bennie is still getting in his walks and the yard work still needs to get done. Yesterday was going after the old rose bush that has 2″ diameter stems at its base and in places was over 12 feet high (or at least it seemed that way) and taking old canes out of the raspberry patches. Yes, blood was given and words spoken that I shan’t repeat here.

Then there was the hour I spent on the Elliptical, yeah 60:00 minutes where I went 12.75 miles on the darn thing. Good thing the Smithsonian Channel had a good show on to help me fight the urge to get off and head out the door.

The left hamstring is feeling a lot better and I probably could have run yesterday if I had really needed to. However, the body does need a few days off and I think the old noggin needs a break from running as well.

All that being said, I am getting antsy to get back to running, so I will be good for one more day and see how things feel in the morning. Sometimes it is nice to rest, but I would have to actually rest for it to do much good. It seems that my rest is much more active than other’s definition of rest and relaxation from what I can see.

At least SD2’s house is on the pad and almost in one piece. So things are progressing finally. Hopefully, move in will occur by the end of September.