A Successful Run – RunLog 9-6-18

I know, I was supposed to take four days off from running, but after I lifted weights this morning and didn’t feel anything while doing deadlifts, I figured that it was okay to do an easy run.

Unfortunately, this morning was just too miserable to for me (at least in my opinion) to run outside safely due to the high temps and high humidity. Then a pretty good thunderstorm was supposed to blow through, but we got lucky again and it went North and South of us and all we got was some rain, a little wind along with getting to listen to the storm going around us.

Phew…there were a lot of people who were not so lucky.

I waited until later in the afternoon, when the temps had gotten a lot more reasonable.

Even though the left hamstring was feeling pretty good, but I wasn’t going to push too hard during the my first run back after tweaking it.

The first mile was pretty comfortable, getting the body back to running even after a little lay off like this, that first run back is still not as easy as it used to be. Everything felt a little out of rhythm and took until about a half mile to get things to knowing what was expected again.

I am glad that I worked out on the Elliptical, but it does work different muscles – of that I have no doubt.

The second mile I was feeling really good and towards the end of it, I started to pick it up just a little and then quickly shut it down. While nothing broke, I could feel that left Hammie starting to tighten up. Nothing serious, but it definitely ain’t ready for anything fast yet.

The last 2.0 miles were comfortable and I focused more on the stride that didn’t bother the hamstrings.

Overall it was nice to get out and run. The best part was that the hamstring held up going up Stevens Hill. It was a little sore later on, but not like the other day, so tomorrow will be a nice and easy run that will be in the 9:00’s for a pace.

I am still really liking the Reebok FloatRide RunFasts. They are comfortable allow me to run at any speed that I want. The only issue I have about running in them is that right inner forefoot has some discomfort when I run longer in them. I do notice when I rub my foot in that area there is almost a defect in my foot in that area under the callous. So I am using my golf ball in that area to see if it is something I can work out. So it is a me problem and nothing to do with the RunFasts.

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