Progression and Thinking About Running Shoes – RunLog 9-7-18

This morning’s run was all about getting it done without bothering that left hamstring too much. That much I definitely accomplished and it turned into a nice little progression run – nothing fast but each mile split was a little quicker than the one before and I didn’t have anything barking at me too badly.

So a very solid run.

After lunch Mary and I went down to Freeport to do some shoe shopping for her. Yeah, you heard me correctly we went running shoe shopping for her, not me. Although I did try on a few pair of running shoes that piqued my interest.

Now let’s get real. I . Do . Not. Need. Any. More. Running. Shoes!!!

However, yeah gotta caveat that with, the Reebok Grasse Roads are going to start going downhill in a month or so and I will need a pair of recovery/long run shoes to replace them and would like to have something in place before I need a new pair.

While I am liking the Grasse Roads, I am not going to put up with another pair taking a chunk of flesh like these did, that wound still hasn’t completely healed after more than a month.

So I am looking around to see what other light-weight trainers would work like the Grasse Roads have for me – post surgery. Paying over $100 for a brand new pair of shoes and knowing that I have to do surgery on them to run in them is not conducive to me buying another pair of the same model.

Visiting Freeport

We went to the Nike outlet first, since Mary likes that brand they have seemed to work better for her than any other over the years. She ended up with a pair of Nike Pegasus 34 and should be happy with them. While she was figuring out what she should get, of course I ambled off to look around.

I have to admit that I had a pair of Pegasus 33’s on my feet and got a cool compliment from one of the employees about the colorway of my shoes combined with the laces. I offered to trade him my Peg’s for the Nike Zoom Fly’s that I was trying on. No dice.

Oh well.

I really, really liked the way that Zoom Flys in size 8.5 felt on my feet, but I have the RunFasts and they are pretty much the same category of shoe for me — race day/light-weight trainer that I go fast for me in. At $75, it was very tempting though, probably if they had been in the $50 range I would have done it, but to get another pair of this category shoes when I really do not need them…well I just couldn’t justify doing it today.

I didn’t.

I WAS good…today.

Although some other day if I need some go faster shoes, Freeport isn’t THAT far away.

Then we went over to Famous Footwear – Mary likes Skechers for her walking shoes, so I went over and checked out the Nike React Legend. Now these are probably more practical for me, since I will be looking for a pair of long run and recovery run type shoes in another month or so. The size 8.0’s in the Legends fit quite nicely (unusual for a pair of Nikes, I am almost always at least an 8.5) and I will probably do a bit more research to see how much difference there is between the Legend, Odyssey, and the Epic Reacts, especially if the midsole is basically the same.

If it is just changes to the uppers and make-up of the outsole, the Legends will do just fine and the price point is much more reasonable. However, from reading a bit it seems as if the React midsole doesn’t do well in Winter temps and looking at the the outsole it will suck for running in snow, so they might not be a real option for running outside up heah in Maine during the winter.

Unless I used them primarily for treadmilling and my trail shoes or Pegasus 33’s, for most of the outside stuff this winter – which is probably what I will end up doing anyway no matter what shoes that finally end up on my feet after the Grasse Roads. Though the Peg 33s do feel a bit thin in the forefoot if I run too far in them or even walk too far in them, which is why I am not really looking at the Peg 34s or 35s as viable options.

Although the 35’s have a slighter different design and the Turbos…stop Harold they are out of the priceline for you to get, no matter if they are perfect or not.

However, I do have a belated birthday gift coming at some point and will be checking out the adidas Tempo 9s in a size 9.0 to see if I can get a pair of Boosted shoes that fit my Hobbit-like feet. I would love for those to work as a pair of daily trainers for the bulk of my running, have the RunFasts for well faster running, my trail shoes for trails and winter running.

So that is what meandering thoughts are bumbling about inside the old noggin about running shoes at this point and time.

The reality is that

While I am thinking about running shoes, when it came right down to it this trip to Freeport was for Mary – not me. Which means that today Mary got a new pair of Pegasus 34s and a pair Skechers walking shoes and I came home empty handed in the running shoe department.

At least I got a small bag of peanut M&M’s and a McDonalds Vanilla shake out of the deal for driving down and back. 🙂

Although those Zoom Fly’s and Legends did intrigue me…to be continued I am sure.

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