Fall is Here – RunLog 9-9-18

Well in the World According to Harold, this morning was the first real day of Fall. A little early aren’t we guy?

By the calendars and the equinoxes and all that blather yeah, we still have another week and a half, but this morning the low was 39*F and the first day that happens in my world after a long, hot summer – that means Fall is here. Besides the high at the house was a balmy 64*F (which I loved).

Which meant this morning I was re-introduced to a wind pants, long-sleeved tech shirt and light jacket for Bennie’s first walk. He was high-stepping and struttin. Shhhh he loves colder weather…crazy dog. Even on his long walk this morning it was still cool enough that I was quite comfortable with my t-shirt and long sleeve tech shirts on, with a pair of wind pants.

However, after that long walk for some reason or other, I just felt off and tired. So I sat and relaxed, ate a nice lunch and took a nap. After all that I started feeling a little better, so I decided to mow the road frontage, which took just about 2 hours. I wished that I had run then, instead of mowing, but from what I can see, I will only have to do it once, maybe twice more this year.

Then I relaxed for a bit, while Mary tried out her new Pegasus 34’s. She went down-back and liked them, except for a little off feeling in the heel, but thinks it will wear in and be fine once she gets them broke in.

I started a bit after her and just went slowly, then when I met her down on Blake Hill, I decided that I would turnaround and run with her until she finished. We gabbed about this and that, and just ran together, something that we do not do all that often, but is nice when we do.

After Mary finished running, I picked up the pace a bit and ran a little progression run for the last half of the run. My final lap, I did pick up the pace a little more and the hamstring didn’t bother at all. Although my feet seemed to bother quite a bit today in the Grasse Roads. I am not sure what is up with that, but it wasn’t an enjoyable sensation. Not that it slowed me down all that much, but it was distracting.

It wasn’t all that great a run, but I got it done and wonder why I was feeling off this morning and even right now. Not sure what is going on, but sometimes it is just as simple as the weather change or even the pollen levels that can cause me to feel a little under the weather.

At least I got my run in and made 20 miles for the week.