A Surprise 10K After a Busy Day – RunLog 9-10-18

Another one of those busy days, that delays running until later in the day. The temps were in the low 40’s for Bennie’s first walk and during the second walk, it was still in the low 50’s. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am still acclimated to warmer weather and as much as I enjoy the cooler stuff, for now I am dressing a bit warmer than I would otherwise.

The busy day was running errands that needed to get done. We paid for the new kitchen sink and stuff, then started the process for getting the master bathroom updated/fixed – it needs it badly. Then stopped for some banking stuff. While it doesn’t seem like a whole lot, all this took a couple of hours to get things done. Then this afternoon, I was going to cut up an old blow down in the back yard, but I couldn’t get my 10 year-old chainsaw to keep running and ended up delimbing and cutting up the upper half of the up tree with my axe. I seriously thought about going ahead and running out to buy a new chainsaw, but we will see.

All I know is that if I had to use an axe very often, my upper body would look a lot different. No more of the Pillsbury Doughboy paunch that is for sure.

Finally, I got to get my run in. I was planning to do 5.0 down to Notta Road and the weather was really great. Overcast, low 60’s, a light breeze – in other words just what I like to run in, which played into my decision making later in the run.

I am still on a self-imposed speed restriction with the hamstring, so I was going to just run comfortably today. I planned on something in the 9:00 minute range.

I accomplished everything that I wanted. Of course I had a couple of pick-up and slow my arse down pretty quickly. The hamstring doesn’t mind the easy stuff, but when I started to stretch the leg out a little, it let me know without any question it was not ready for that stuff yet. So I got it through my thick head and slowed down, then kept it slow until the last part.

At about the 5.0 mile mark, my right forefoot, started that discomfort thing that happens when I run in my RunFasts. I am pretty sure it isn’t the shoes, because it would bother a long time before that point if it was. There must be something going on with my right foot. I will see when I try some other shoes tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I kept going when I got to Notta Road and did an extra mile or so to do the 10K versus 5.0 miles. Between the weather and how good I was feeling at that point, I just felt like I needed to keep going a little further.

I was very happy with the consistency of the pacing and how well I felt during the run. However, that right foot thing does have me perplexed.

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