I Remember and Some Treadmill – RunLog 9-11-18

Remember it always, 9-11.

I really believe that the best way to show those that want to change our way of life, is to continue living it the way we want to – enjoying the freedoms that so many have given their lives for. No false patriotic vitriol that seems to dominate social media today, just…

I will always remember.


Alan Jackson’s – Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning – pretty much says it all. I only watch this one day and each time the tears flow freely.

Yeah, I will always remember.

Life Goes On

We got a little bit of rain this morning (tears from heaven?), nothing really terrible or serious. Although it was not enough to actually stop me from running outside, after yesterday’s run, I wanted to be able to control things a little more and push the pace to see how thing would hold together.

I know, I know.

However, I just enjoy running faster (for me) and this constant go slow grasshopper just grates on my psyche. Yeah, you wonder why I get injured so often. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can be my own worst enemy some days…or is that most days.

In either case

This was the plan…get on the treadmill and run. See how the left hamstring felt and go from there. Great plan huh.

Here are the results of that great plan.

  • .50 @ 7.2 mph
  • 1.0 @ 7.6 mph
  • .25 @ 8.1 mph
  • .25 @ 8.2 mph
  • 1.0 @ 8.6 mph
  • 0.1 @ 8.7 mph

Time: 22:47/8:17 pace

Wow that wasn’t half bad. The hamstring held up fine, but I could tell it was getting fatigued that last half mile and knew it was a good idea to shut down the speedier stuff at the 5K point. I will take a sub 23:00 training run like this any day of the week. Especially since the first 1.5 was pretty slow.

Below is a comparison of my Strava and Milestone app’s graphs for the same part of this run.

I don’t really think either graph is particularly accurate and do not show what the actual run entailed. Since I increased the speed incrementally throughout the run and didn’t slow down until I got past 5K. Neither one of these graphs show that workout. I don’t care so much about what they say the pace was, but it is pretty discouraging to see them be so far away from what the actual workout was as far as it was a progression run.

This is just a great with reminder that even with all this technology at our disposal and the graphs that they create to tantalize us with visions of sugarplums over being able to visualize the data – it may not be reality or as accurate as we would wish to think, especially when it comes to running on a treadmill or even dare I say it – outside.

At that point I needed to catch my breath and walked – yes I walked.

  • .15 @ 3.4 mph

Then I got the wild idea that I needed to do three more miles of running.

  • 2.75 @ 7.3 mph
  • .15 @ 8.6 mph
  • .10 @ 9.1 mph

Total Time 50:02

I almost went under 50:00 minutes for a 10K plus a little, including that .15 walk, not too shabby. During the second 3.0 miles I was starting to feel pretty tired, but maintained a good pace and was able to have a pretty good kick at the end.

A very good confidence builder. The best part, while the hamstring feels a little more tired than the rest of my leg, it isn’t sore and I am walking normally. So progress is being made.

It seems that other plans have been made for me this Sunday, so I won’t be participating in the Rail Trail 5K, good thing I didn’t prepay. ๐Ÿ™‚

The other thing is that during the run, I was wearing the RunFasts and about 5.0 miles into the run, my right forefoot (under the callous pad) began to bother again. It seems like 5.0 miles is the magic mark for this issue. However, it didn’t really bother, just noted it was starting.

So when I got done, I sat in the locker room and really examined that foot. When I looked today there was a very small bubble that extended under the callous pad. It seems that probably because I tend to run a little more towards/on my forefoot in the RunFasts that I get a small blister under that callous pad. I figured when I got home that I would pop the small blister, but when I got home about 45:00 minutes later – it was gone.


So I poked around under that callous with a need and found a little fluid that had accumulated under the pad, but wasn’t noticeable without twisting my foot up around like a pretzel. Plus I shaved the callous down quite a bit as well. It feels pretty good right now and I didn’t draw blood, so it worked out just fine.

I knew it wasn’t the shoes.

On a different note.

One thing that I have done every year for a while, is on September 11, I begin re-reading Left of Bang by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley. This book has a lot of common sense things in it that I take for granted or don’t think about, until I re-read Left of Bang.

It is an unfortunate reality in today’s world that you need to have that kind of situational awareness, needing to think about what is going on around you. However, there are too many acts of violence to ignore in the world today and if you can anticipate or sense something is not right and act upon your intuition or whatever you would like to call it, it might mean the difference between life and death.

It sucks to have to think that way, but…

It is what it is.

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