New Shoes and First Pub Run in Years – RunLog 9-12-18

Today was one of those weird days where you get a lot done and yet you don’t feel like you got much done at all.

My first run was a very good recovery run, where I didn’t push and just cleared the gunk out of the body from yesterday’s harder effort on the treadmill. The right hip flexor was a bit tight, not sore just tight, which was not surprising, since I did run faster than I have been in a while.

New Shoes

Then I go in a new pair of running shoes. Yeah, what else is new…

I have a specific purpose for these and they are a running shoe model that I came within a minute of buying back when they were a new release a few years ago. The reason I didn’t was the price and Mary would have had my butt, since I had gotten a different pair the week before, that I was not in love with. So I didn’t get them and went in a different direction after that.

However, I have always wondered about them and when the Grasse Roads started to bother a little more than I am willing to put up with for longer runs, I wandered around eBay and came across these. It got me to thinking about how much I really liked the feeling on my feet in the store and the short jaunt that I did in them back when. So I made a couple of hints to someone and they showed up today.

A new without the box pair of…drumroll please…

adidas Response Boost in size 8.5 for under $40

Over the years, I have attempted to run in several adidas brand shoes, loved the Boost midsole, but usually have a problem with the true-to-size 8.0 or when I size up too ong and being tight in the forefoot. However reading some blog reviews it seemed that the sizing ran weird, plus I sort of remembered that I tried on 8.0s, 8.5s and 9.0s and was going to get the 8.5’s. So I figured that I would go with the 8.5s and see what happened.

From everything I have read and heard about the Boost midsole material, it doesn’t break down as much and is not affected like other materials by age or weather, so the age of the shoe was less of a concern than it might be in some other shoes.

They were exactly as pictured and didn’t have any wear on the outsole. Just walking around the house they felt great, so they were definitely keepers.

When I weighed them – one was 9.2 and the other 9.3 ounces, which I have found is pretty normal for running shoes to have a slight variance. The Response Boost are right in my wheelhouse when it comes to a long or recovery run shoe as far as their weight and the size 8.5 seems to be the correct size versus my true to size 8.0.

Now I had to get a run in them. Well it so happens that tonight was also when the Central Maine Striders have their pub run and follow it with our first monthly meeting since the summer break. Which meant that I was going to get to run in them – today.

Central Maine Striders Pub Run

There were quite a few of us for the Pub Run tonight and we ran along gabbing and yakking up the North Street Trail and back. It was a non-competitive run where we just ran along at a comfortable pace. Which was fine, because I wanted to see how the adidas Responses would do on their maiden voyage.

We did just over 3.0 miles at around 9:00 minute pace overall. I picked up the pace in a couple spots and didn’t think about doing it. I was able to just go, especially crossing the road in one spot with a vehicle coming at me.

I don’t like the laces – too short, otherwise very nice. There is a bit of a different feel that I had to get used over the first mile or so, but actually I was busy talking and didn’t notice the shoes.

Hey, isn’t that what I want?


I didn’t think about the Responses until I finished and had a chance to think back on the run. I did like the feel of the Boost midsole while running, that cushioned yet responsive road feel was exactly what I wanted.

Good first impression and best of all – no hotspots or blisters.

There will be a second run.

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