A Little Warmer Than I Expected – RunLog 9-13-18

This morning was long run Thursday, but my long runs lately have been more in the 6-8 mile range than anything approaching double-digits due to life getting in the way more than anything. Which in the big picture, really isn’t all that bad, because it means that I am still running and if I can run those distances, things ain’t all THAT bad.

The weather seemed to be pretty good earlier this morning, but by the time we got done walking the dogs, Mary got her run in, things had warmed up considerably and the sun was above the tree line, so the run was going to be without a lot of shade. All those things factored into a decision that I made at the end of the run.

When I started I had planned on doing 8.0 miles at something slower than a 9:00 minute pace. Well that was the plan.

I wore my new adidas Response Boost, since I wanted to see how they performed on a longer run and I was listening to my race playlist – which was probably a mistake. I am finding that there is something about running to music where I just go faster, without thinking about it. When you add in wanting to see how new shoes actually work, well it wasn’t a recipe to go as slow as I had planned.

Enough background.

When I started I wasn’t in a hurry, however once my intro song was over and I got to the race music at the lower gate I picked up the pace. As you can see by my splits while I wasn’t pushing the pace hard, I was still moving along pretty well.

It was just below comfortably hard as far as the effort level and I had a few more gears left if I had wanted to go faster. The first 3.0 or so miles were very consistent and for the most part I was feeling pretty darn good. The only issue I was having was on my left heel, the shoe felt a little loose in the heel and a hot spot was developing.

Unfortunately, at that point, the shade on the roads was pretty much non-existent, so by the time I got to the Goodhue Road turn-around, I was starting to heat up pretty good. Coming back down Tiffany, I did pick up the effort level to comfortably hard and cruised on through to the dirt road.

When I got there my left heel was starting to bother a little more and the sun/heat was enough that I was getting rather uncomfortable and at that point I decided to shut it down at the bottom of Stevens Hill and walk it home.

When I stopped it was time to stop, my feet were getting tired (the insoles haven’t formed to my feet) and they were starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. Which is pretty normal for me with a new pair of shoes, luckily I stopped before a blister formed on the left heel, but it was getting sore.

The adidas Response outperformed my expectations in every area, except for the left heel and that was more my fault than the shoes. I had changed out the laces before I ran and cinched down the right foot just a little more than my left and I didn’t bother to snug up the left enough. So it was my own fault not the shoes. Although I do think that I will set the laces up as lace locks to hold the heel a little better.

The reality is that

I ran a lot faster than I had planned for a long run and it resulted in my not finishing the distance I had planned. Yeah, it was a bit warmer than I thought it was going to be, but after a long summer, I am pretty well acclimated to running when it is hot so I cannot really use that as an excuse.

The left heel hotspot probably had more effect on me wanting to stop sooner than I planned than anything. Sometimes stopping is a good thing and today it was the right decision. Once I stopped the heel quickly started feeling better, I didn’t develop the blister that might have been part of the run, if I had attempted to finish off the mileage.

So I listened to the body and did what needed to be done versus bulling through and then paying for it for the next week.

A very good run and even with the heel hotspot the Response Boost still impressed me. Now to get more miles and get them broke in so they are as comfortable as I think they will be.

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