Middle Road Loop – Again – RunLog 9-15-18

I had thought about doing a long run to Augusta this morning, but then a couple of things were going on, so I changed my mind to doing the Middle Road Loop and it was probably a good thing that I did.

Now I have run the Middle Road loop nine times this year and twice when I picked up the pace a little, without any warning, my left hamstring decided to do some serious complaining about how it was feeling – in the same area on the course (probably within 5 yards of each other). Both of which resulted in several days away from running and screwing up my race schedule for about a month after.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I set off to run Middle Road. However, today I was making sure that I didn’t push the pace too much. However, when I started, I forgot to wait until the GPS acquired signal, so the distance was about 30 yards off my usual mile split points. Dummy!

Even so this wasn’t about going fast, it was all about finishing without the Left Hamstring going bonkers. So that actually worked a little in my favor, because I wasn’t looking at the watch to see what my splits normally would be. Going down the hill my Strava graph has this big dip and then a giant pace pickup – mmmm I am not sure where that came from because I didn’t slow down or speed up going down Philbrick Hill????

There was a LOT of traffic on Shepard and Middle Roads, which was a pain in the butt to have to run in the should or ditch as they were going by. By the time I got in front of the school my left heel was bothering a little – nothing bad, but it felt as though there was a bone bruise or something starting. Now I wasn’t doing anything different with my stride and while I heel strike, I don’t slam my heels, it is more like land and roll through pretty efficiently. I keep my stride length purposely shorter when I am running slower.

Since this is something new since I started running in the adidas Response Boost, I was not sure what to think other than the shoes were having something to do with it. The discomfort wasn’t enough to stop the run, but it sure was distracting.

I went by the place on this course where twice my hamstring started to bother those other times. Fortunately, nothing happened at that spot today!!! Yeah!!!

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, other than my left heel feeling a bit sore when I got done.

Usually I get this kind of feeling if I have stepped wrong on a rock or if the shoe’s outsole have a weird piece of rubber placed under the heel. Luckily the Response Boost do not have that issue and I didn’t step on a rock, so I was a bit perplexed about why the heel was bothering so much.

After the run, I checked out the heel cup of the shoe, too out the insole and found it to be pretty thin compared to the forefoot section. But I am not sure what this had to do with my heel starting to hurt.

I did change out the insole, so I will see if that makes any difference and I will probably run in my RunFasts tomorrow.

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