Running and A Few Random Thoughts the Week Ending 9-16-18

Another week in the books and back to running fairly well again. The hamstring is doing much better and I got yet another pair of running shoes. So it was pretty much just a routine week in the running of life of Harold.

Which is a pretty nice feeling, though this week has felt more like July than September at times.


In the world of Running Eliud Kipchoge set a new World Record time for the Marathon (26.2 miles), in 2:01:39. He is simply amazing, 4:38 average mile pace WOW!!! I don’t think that 95% or more of the population could run a single mile that fast. Hell, I am not a great runner, but and I have a hard time doing 6:38 for one mile nowadays and have never broken 5:00 minutes for a single mile in my life. So I can’t imagine running that far, that fast.

I have been following his career for a while and the best thing that I can say is that from all the articles, his videos and what others say about him is that he is a good person. Something that I believe is important, more important than being the world record holder.

Congratulations Mr. Kipchoge.

Hurricane Florence

However, the biggest news of the week was Hurricane Florence (my Grandmother’s name) and the damage/devastation that was left in its wake. I think that what someone said on Facebook was pretty appropriate…it went something like this.

Watching this hurricane come in is like being stalked by a turtle.

I wanted to add in when I saw it – a big f#$^%ing turtle that is going to tear the shit out of stuff when it finally stops stalking. It did and still is. I wish nothing but a speedy recovery for those affected by Florence’s swath of destruction. Now to rebuild what Mother Nature has destroyed this time.

Although I have am beginning to wonder, how many more 100 year storms we are going to get in the next few years. Whether it is Mother Nature just flexing her muscles or something that humankind has accelerated or caused, it sure does seem to be getting to where the storms are more than a bit angrier than they used to be. However, the questions about what is causing climate change is something for people a lot smahter than I am to argue about.

Me, I just have to live with the weather that seems to come with whatever is going on, just like everyone else, but Mother Nature’s mood swings lately are bigger and nastier than I can ever remember seeing.


Other news that I have been following is political and I ain’t gonna get into it too far into that rabbit hole, this blog isn’t about that stuff. Lately, the political news is like a bad rollercoaster ride and it looks like a few rails are gonna be straining pretty hard to stay together over the next few months.

I think this ride is getting pretty dangerous and it might be time for those who actually control the park, to stop, take a close look at what needs to be done to fix things, before there is a tragic ending that could have been prevented. Maybe they need to…well they do not need my advice and wouldn’t listen to it in any case so I will keep my opinions to myself.

I have a feeling that the next few months might get pretty nasty and I ain’t looking forward to the consequences of that nastiness. It might be a while, before we heal some of the wounds that might be opened. I hope I am wrong, but…


Well let’s get back to running, after all that is what this blog is primarily about and all that other stuff is and will be covered much more in-depth by others who are smahter and in the “know” much more than I ever will or want to be. I just want to enjoy my little corner of the world and keep running until I can’t anymore.

Hey, I got back up over 30 miles again and even took a rest day Sunday. Actually I had planned on racing down in Augusta, but other plans trumped my thoughts on racing and I headed down to Oxford for time with family and a nice lunch. I have a feeling that in the long run, it was a better use of my time than running in the race this morning.

I added a column back into my running spreadsheet:

I have used this in the past, so that I can see how much time I am spending in the No Zone, where it isn’t fast enough to help with my faster pacing, but not slow enough to really be an easy or recovery run. Although I have a feeling that I might increase the size of the No Zone to 9:20 and attempt to make my pace slower going forward. I just have a feeling that 9:00 is not slow enough to be a recovery pace for my current conditioning.

We will see.

Also having the average zone score gives me a better idea of what my training zone actually is versus what I want to believe it is.

One thing I do have to start looking at a bit closer is that my weight is creeping up a little too much. I am hitting the 162, 163 points too often, which means that I am eating too much crap and need to take control of things again. So I will.

Running Shoes

I am really liking the Reebok FloatRide RunFasts. I can use them for any run that I do, but want to save them for the faster-paced stuff. So I need a pair of shoes that I can put longer miles on my feet and still have them feel comfortable. The Grasse Roads are doing okay, but they are not really what I am looking for and they are better for walking than running.

The Adidas Response Boost OG showed up this week and while they fit great, I am having a bit of issue with my left heel feeling sore during and after running in them. While I am not sure what that is all about, I am pretty sure it is the shoes because it hadn’t bothered like this in my other shoes and stops when I don’t wear them running. So I have changed out the insole to one with a little thicker in the heel to see if that helps. I will find out this week.

However, the left hamstring is feeling pretty good compared to where it was last week, so I am happy with that. The right hip is still tighter than I like and I have been doing some prehab before running and every other day have added in some weight training/rehab work to my morning routine.

The reality is that

Running is getting back to my normal, which is a good thing. I even had a night out on Wednesday and did a club Pub Run. It was fun, actually running with others in a non-competitive situation.

However, at the pub after the run, I felt out of place and sorts. Those days of going to a pub are long over for me and the idea of having a beer or more, then the probable uninhibited running of my mouth too much would just get me in trouble. Also it has been so long since I have been out in a social situation, that I have forgotten all those social survival skills that are so taken for granted by others.

I am not the master of small talk and prefer to be home with Mary.

I guess that is why the blog is my escape and safe place to spout what I think, since I do re-read things more than a couple of times before I hit publish hehehehe.

Which is really important when I talk, however briefly and generally about a couple third-rail subjects for a lot of people. 🙂

Now to get the Response Boost to working the way that I think they should for me and just enjoy the running that will be coming because at some point Mother Nature is going to let Fall get heah and the weather is going to be perfect for running for a while.

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