Frustrated…RunLog 9-17-18

Well let me tell you…I am just a little frustrated after that run this morning! Needless to say I am not a happy camper and seriously thought about running the last 2.0 miles barefoot and I hate running barefoot.

Let’s back up and talk a little more rationally about what in the world happened.

As you have heard me whine lately about my trials and tribulations with the Adidas Response Boosts that I got last week. For some reason or other they are bothering the shit out of my left heel and well I thought that it might be as simple as changing out the insole to a slightly more padded one.

Errr no.

Today was the first day where I was consciously attempting to run slower than 9:20 on my easy day. That part was actually hard for me because I kept wanting to speed up up and get going, but I was doing pretty good and the shoes felt really comfortable through the first couple of miles.

No problems.

Even so it was another hot and humid day with bright sun, hardly any breeze, the temps and humidity both in the 80’s made things pretty miserable for running. So I thought seriously about turning back at Wildwood. I really wish that I had.

Instead the stubborn old cuss, decided that he was going to do 6-7, because he was feeling fine and just running easy. Plus the feet were doing pretty good for a change.

That all began to change at about the 3.0 mile mark the hint of what was to come started about there, by the time I got to 4.0 miles the bottom of my left heel was talking loudly and calling me some names I won’t repeat in mixed company.

I stopped and walked. Yeah, the left heel was bothering so much that I stopped running and walked a ways to see if things would get better or not. Once I started walking the foot felt a lot better, so I a few minutes (yeah a few minutes later) I began running slowly again.

Things were better, not great, but better and I kept jogging down the road. Unfortunately, just a before the 5.0 mile point, I just couldn’t take it anymore and stopped sat down on the side of the road and took that g-damned shoe off. I sat there for a minute waiting for the pain (yeah pain) in both feet to subside and figure out what to do next.

Initially it felt as if I had been running on a pointed rock, but as I felt around the bottom of my left heel it was more like one of the tendons was being irritated. Now I have had minor problems with my left PF several times this year and it seemed that was what was complaining, but the discomfort and pain was radiating out into the heel area and screwing up my run.

As I was sitting there, I started to really look at the shoes. The bottoms have that plastic bridge between the two pads of boost and outsole pads and I got to thinking if this might have anything to do with the pain in the heel I was feeling??? Also the forefoot while it was pretty flexible, has a LOT of springback from the flex and looking back that is exactly the kind of running shoes that aggravate my PF.

It seems that is what is actually happening with my new adidas Response Boosts that I like so much.

That sucks.

After I took the shoes off, sat there for a few minutes and twisted, bent and made the Reponse look as close to a pretzel as I could make them. After my feet started calm down I put them back on and started jogging that last mile home.

This time the discomfort didn’t come back and the feet were not complaining about any new pain, so I kept on going until I got home. I didn’t bother doing that extra bit to get to 7.0 miles and was happy with the 6.2 miles that I ended up with.

I did take the Response Boost out to the garage and did a little twisting, bending and rolling the shoes up into a ball and zip tying them that way for a couple of days before I try them back on to see how they feel. Although my left foot is still a bit traumatized by the run today and will take a little bit of time to get back to normal.

Needless to say I didn’t have any problems having an average pace of over 9:20, although I would have preferred to have gone faster and not have to deal with the pain in the heel, well at least it wasn’t a pain in the arse ;-).

Not a good run, but one that got done.

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