Change Shoes = No Heel Pain – RunLog 9-18-18

Well after yesterday’s fiasco run, well the last 3.0 miles of it. I needed a run where my feet didn’t bother at all. Which meant that I needed to run in a pair of shoes that don’t bother my feet.

It came down to my Nike Pegasus 33 Shields or the Reebok RunFasts.

I finally chose the Pegasus, because I really want to only run in the RunFasts for fast runs. Although I have been attempting to save the Pegs until the weather gets nasty, but I am so freaking tired of my feet bothering while I am running that I decided to bring them out from under my bureau.

I started out slowly, although my left heel was feeling decent after yesterday’s abuse, I was still wondering about whether it would bother or not once I got to running on it?

However, once I got going nothing bothered, so while I went pretty easy for the first mile, when I got to to the first mile I decided to do a tempo run for 3.0 miles at what I would hope my half marathon pace range.

It felt good and I could have continued on at that pace for a while longer, but shut it down and used the last mile as a cool-down. Although I came close to thinking about chasing a segment on the flats before Stevens Hill.

I was good and didn’t.

After I got done running, I went out to the back of the garage and got my Adidas Response Boost and took off the zip tie. I wanted to see if keeping them in a folded position would help with the way they made my heels feel.

When I wore them down to my acupuncture appointment this afternoon, my left heel started to act up again. Not good.

They are now in the back of the garage awaiting their final disposition. That really sucks, because I do love the way that the Boost material feels under foot, but the shoes themselves suck because they bother the hell out of the bottom of my left heel.

The discomfort/pain was only getting worse every time I wore them, so they need to go away.

I have a feeling that I will get a few miles on the Peg 33s and RunFasts, along with a slight surprise next week. Of all the shoes that I have run in this year, it seems that Nikes bother my feet the least. So maybe it is time to stop frigging around and just do it.

We will see.

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