More Better Run – Yah

This morning I was going through my Feedly feeds (I know, it sounds weird) and one of the blogs that I follow is Joe Henderson’s Writings. That guy, the one that used to be the Runner’s World editor back in the day.

Screen Shot on 9/19/18 from Joe Hendersonโ€™s blog

He republishes a lot of his old articles on this blog and this morning was one that really hit home for me.

More Better Runs

It put into words many of the feelings that I have been having lately about my running and running races. My problem is that I know in reality this is what I am actually doing, but my head still has this idea that I need to train for races, then race a race.

However, when I look back at my training log, it is closer to what Henderson is talking about in the article. My longer days are shorter, my faster days are slower and yes, my slower days seem to be faster than what a training plan would call for. You know a lot of time spent in the “No Zone” training zone, but where I feel fine when I am running.

Maybe I am already doing Joe’s training plan and just didn’t realize it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The only difference I would have from the article is that when/if I go to a race, that I do my best that I can that day and not be as disappointed with the results if they do not meet my expectations. Focus more on the experience than the results, which is hard, but getting more necessary since the results are often, well most of the time, less than I want when I do race.

At some point I will finally realize that racing is not the thing I enjoy the most about my running, it is the daily runs that fuel my soul and bring me the most joy.

Some times I really think that I need to get rid of all my running improvement books and just run. I would probably be better off in the long run.

Read the whole article by Joe and see what you think of it. I know that the young guns out there will scoff and offer other advice, but at a certain point in each runner’s life, these words start to make much more sense.

They are starting to for this old fart.

2 thoughts on “More Better Run – Yah

  1. Wonderful article and great thoughts.

    “At some point I will finally realize that racing is not the thing I enjoy the most about my running, it is the daily runs that fuel my soul and bring me the most joy.”

    And I love this from the article: “The unspoken answer: I like to run too much to race anymore.”

    For me, I think the fact that I ran for 23 years before my first race means that it is easier for me to embrace that my first love is running, not racing. So my mantra is always there for me “no race, no pace, no distance is worth not being able to get up tomorrow and go for a run.”

    1. My problem is that for so many years ran and trained with racing hard as the primary goal of running. That caused many more problems than it solved for me and I am finally realizing that running is not about racing well, it is about running and living well. It just took me a lot longer to to realize that than many out there. Who knows maybe my racing will now improve with a different mindset hehehe. Not likely. Your mantra is the right one my friend, especially now that I can see it with 20/20 hindsight, I just wish that I had accepted it years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

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