Pepin Road & Forgetting About the Shoes – RunLog 9-19-18

Two days in a row where my feet haven’t bothered me – at all. Which tells me that my foot problems were a result of wearing the adidas Response Boost and nothing else.


It also means that the Response Boost will not return for an encore performance. At this point in my running life, I don’t want to deal with crap from a pair of shoes that do not work with my feet.

I just want to run – comfortably.

And that is just what I did this morning. I ran 5.0 miles comfortably and didn’t think about my running shoes, I just ran.

After thinking about what I wanted to do, I decided to head down to the new end of Pepin Road and see what was going on there since they put the road extension in. Two more houses are being built on the little hill there (gonna be a pain in the arse in the winter for those houses that are going in on that extension). Other than that Pepin hasn’t changed much since the last time I ran down there – a good thing.

The weather was just about perfect for a good run: cloudy, 55*F and a bit of breeze out of the NE. I started out pretty slow and picked up the pace a little as I ran down the hill. Today was supposed to be an easy run so I throttled back on the pace a little more than I usually would going down Pepin – even though I was feeling pretty good.

Coming back up the hill was against that breeze, which made it just that much more of a pain running uphill, but I somehow survived Philbrick Hill. Yeah right…I ran up feeling better than I have in a long time. It wasn’t a fast time, but I wasn’t reduced to survival shuffle up it – I actually maintained a decent dare I say stride, which is not something I have been able to on all too many runs back up this hill lately. So it felt pretty good.

After that I stretched out the legs just a bit, nothing all that hard, but enough to move into the comfortably hard category a couple of times.

Overall a pretty good run and one where my feet didn’t bother and I didn’t have to think about my shoes at all, except after I finished and realized that I didn’t think about them. 🙂

Oh yeah, they were the Peg 33s.

Then this afternoon, I did my cross training by chipping brush for about an hour and half. This a tough upper body workout that also makes me bend, twist and shout a little.

By the time I got done, I was definitely tired, especially when I got out the axe and played around the with stump of the blow-down tree that I was chipping for another half hour. I will play with that stump off and on for the next few weeks or until I get fed up and put an old chain on the chainsaw and get rid of it. Actually wacking on that stump with an axe does feel good – just something about it feels like a good at a very deep level.

Ahhh but those muskles (sp on purpose) that I didn’t know I still had are now complaining about how abused they were this afternoon.

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