Yesterday Sucked, Today Was Much Better – RunLog 9-21-18

Yesterday, yeah I ran, no I didn’t feel like it at all. I felt like crap all day and finally I had to decide whether to just do it or skip my running for the day. I figured that I wouldn’t feel much worse, so I did a slow but tough 3.3 miles later in the afternoon and felt a bit better after I got done running.

I really think that the wood chipping that I did on Wednesday afternoon had a lot to do with how I was feeling yesterday. The old tree I was chipping and the other stuff that was laying around on the ground that got put through the chipper wasn’t in the best shape. So I was probably got exposed to something that wasn’t all that healthy.

Yesterday’s sunrise was pretty spectacular.

This morning I felt a lot better, so I wanted to do a little longer run, along with a few miles of faster stuff. However, I wasn’t really committed to running at 5K or better pace after feeling like crap the day before.

I did wear the Reebok RunFasts since I planned on running “faster”.

The first mile I was holding back, I was focusing more on keeping my stride fluid, than pushing the pace, so I was very surprised when I got home and saw the first mile split was under 8:00. I knew that I was running well and by not looking at the watch, I wasn’t sure of the pace, but it was a comfortably hard and I thought that I had gone a little quicker for miles 2.0 and 3.0.

I really thought it felt like 8:10 or so, but not the sub 8:00 it ended up being.

As you can see by the graph my first mile was the fastest and while kept under 8:00s for the 5K, each mile after that first one was slower than the one before. Nothing hurt and I was feeling pretty darn good, but when I got to the 5K mark (24:05), I shut it down and coasted up to Goodhue.

I had thought about doing a hard mile at some point on the way home and maybe chasing a segment CR down on the flats before Stevens Hill. However, there was that slight issue of having to find a nice place to hop in the woods and lose weight. Once that was done, I got back to running.

Unfortunately, I had lost my mojo and decided that I would just run easy back to the house. The rest of the way was just putting one foot in front of the other until I got home.

I did have to laugh, once I got to the cornfields, it started to rain and then when I got back past them, it stopped again. It seemed as though at that point, the cornfields were the rain/no rain line. 🙂 Unfortunately, going back it was into a 10 mph or so headwind, but I wasn’t trying to break any land speed records so it wasn’t a big deal.

That slight issue that I was having with the RunFasts and my right foot didn’t happen at all, so that was a nice part of this run!!! They were great when I was running at what I would expect my 10K race pace range to be and then when I ran at the easy pace they were great too. The RunFasts have done everything that I have asked of them and are a great shoe that are now gettin close to 100 miles and I still like them as much as I did when I first started running in them.

Overall, I was very happy with the first 5K and how I felt coming back running easy. However, the best thing was that the RunFasts didn’t bother my right forefoot at all! Very good run.