Interruptions or is that Just Country Living – RunLog 9-22-18

The story of this run was the interruptions.

I would love to say that I set all kinds of Strava segment course records during my run today – of course I didn’t and actually didn’t plan to. My plan for this run was to run it slow and easy after yesterday’s faster 5K workout.

The first mile was right about where I thought it would be. It seems that my body thinks that a 9:00 minute pace is just about right for an easy/recovery run. Slower than that and the mind/body connection or is it just me being me just feels uncomfortable. I prefer my runs to be comfortable, so I go at a comfortable pace for me.

On the second mile, when I topped the rise, there were a couple of deer on the side of the road. So I stopped and took a photo and then another as I got closer. Finally, I got to within about 20 yards and they still were not sure about whether they were leaving or not. So I clapped my hands to scare them off.

Now I have some tree hugger tendencies at times, but I am a hunter as well and while these two were cute as hell, they are still wild animals who have the freeze, flight or fight survival instincts down to a science.

They were not sure what I was so they froze, I wanted to give them every opportunity to get out of there by showing me that pretty white flag – that is why I clapped. Even deer will attack and defend themselves if they think they have to or are cornered/surprised and they can be pretty nasty. I respect a wild animal’s survival instincts and prefer them to use that second one of theirs whenever possible.

After that interruption, I ran for a while and then on the way back Bob – the local farmer/landowner turned off his tractor as I was getting ready to run by. I had planned on simply waving and keep going, but it was evident he wanted to talk. We talked for almost 20 minutes and I was starting to stiffen up pretty good, so I bid him adieu and stumbled down the road until I got the legs loosened back up. It is good to talk with Bob (I get caught up on the local gossip), but he always seems to catch me when I am running.

The rest of the run was just about doing the 5.0 miles and seeing how size 9 Peg 34s felt on my feet versus the 8.5 Peg 33s.

They do have a little more toe room, are a bit heavier and they need the heel-lock lacing to get a good heel grip, otherwise pretty much the same feel. Yes, they definitely breathe better than the 33s as well, so I will save the 33s shields more for winter running and go to primarily using the 34s until the weather gets colder, nastier. They feel like more a daily trainer than the 33s and I will use them for that.

Just a run with more than a couple of interruptions, but everything felt pretty good during the run.

Then this I got to play carpenter to “fix” my previous carpentry adventure when I re-built the shed doors. Of course I tried the easy fix first, instead of the correct one, by changing where the door hinges were set on the frame, but then they wouldn’t close right.

Needless to say that didn’t workout too well.

So I had another one of my brilliant brain farts and I took out the saws-all to trim back the offending door a little. I learned that a saws-all is great for demolition and roughing something out, but sucks for finish work.

Yeah, then I decided to finally do it the correct way. I had to take the door off the hinges and get the circular saw out to straighten out the mess I had made of the door.

A job that if I had done that in the first place instead of being lazy, would have taken about 30 minutes, instead took me almost 3 hours. I never said I was much of a carpenter and when I do, it does take me about two-three times as long as it should. 😉

Oh well at least now the doors shut and lock enough to keep varmints out of the shed where we keep the recyclables and trash. One more thing off the honey-do list before winter. I would love to think it is getting shorter, but it is an ever expanding list that never seems to be finished. Hehehehe

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