A Longer Run on the Pond Road – RunLog 9-27-18

Happy Birthday to my little sister – another year older.

I started this last night and just ran out of brain power to finish it until this morning. With the negative political scene unfolding where no one wins and we all lose, SD2 house adventures, the normal getting ready for winter stuff, I am totally exhausted. I think that like many people life is getting more and more complicated, and not as enjoyable as it could be.

Sometimes I think that Bennie has the perfect life.

The rains ended last night and this morning was just about perfect for a run.

I haven’t had a chance to do a longer run for a while, I have been capped at around 8.0 miles since July, so I thought about going for double-digits for the first time in a while. However, once I got going I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen and figured that I would just go out to Goodhue and finish up with my typical 7.0 miler.

The first mile was comfortable and I was surprised at how I felt when I got there, which got me to re-thinking that going for a longer than usual run. I was just plugging along listening to my running playlist – an eclectic mix from the Archie’s Sugar, Sugar to hard thumping stuff.

By the time I got to 3.0 miles I was beginning to think about running around the Pond Road Loop. A course I haven’t done in years and used to run quite often in 2012 & 2013. As I have gotten older instead of seeking out hills, I tend to avoid the worst of them. I slow down too much going up one compared to the rest of the run. So in order to do the Pond Road, I have to go up Bartlett Hill and then Stevens.

How much I slow down nowadays going up those hills hurts the ego too much I guess to seek them out regularly.

Even so, when I got to Goodhue, instead of turning back like I normally do, my feet carried me down the hill towards the Pond Road. I was feeling good, the feet didn’t hurt and I was comfortable running.

Of course the bad part about the Pond Road is that it is also Route 23 and the there is a lot more traffic on it. Today wasn’t much of an exception and of course the worst possible place for me to meet a vehicle is where I met a couple and had to bounce pretty far into the ditch to feel safe.

After that it was just plugging along, every so often singing along with the playlist. I am sure that I scared every critter and person along that route. It probably sounded like someone was choking a chicken hehehe. Oh well, I know that I can’t sing, but if I have my ear buds in I can’t hear myself sing.

Once I got onto Bartlett my fears were confirmed and I slowed down quite a bit going up that hill. I just can’t seem to shift into a lower gear and keep moving at the same pace like I used to be able to.

Coming down the other side was pretty good once I got my wind back in the sails and then I slowed down again when I hit Stevens Hill – same thing.

When I got to the house my feet were starting to bother a little. It takes about 5-6 long runs in a pair of shoes to to actually get them feeling more comfortable running long. I was still feeling pretty good though. However, I didn’t want to push the feet too much and I was starting to get tired and I shut it down at 9.0 miles.

Not quite double-digits, but a pretty damn good confidence builder for going forward. I just know that I won’t race well on a hilly course. Not that I am racing all that much anyway.

I think racing will have to wait until SD2 gets in her house and things calm down a bit more around the house. My mind really just isn’t into the race scene right now, I am really too tired mentally to add that into the mix.

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