Lots of Little Things – RunLog 9-28-18

I did not go to the Rise ‘N Shine 5K in Augusta this morning. Right now there is just too much going on and I don’t have the extra umph left to race for right now. Maybe in another month or so when things settle back down, but right now I am too damn tired all the time it seems to push the extra gears it takes for racing.

Congratulations to all those who did run at 6:30 this morning, you did great!

I decided to not run the race earlier in the week and when I did the long run yesterday, I knew that I wasn’t going to run race this morning. Which was probably a really good thing, since SD2’s contractor dropped off his excavator at the job site at 11:30pm last night. It woke me up and I went over to investigate what was going on and who was over there. I wasn’t too impressed with that decision of his. Didn’t get to sleep too soon after that let me tell ya.

So it was just as well I hadn’t planned on racing this morning.

Although I did run today.

Another afternoon run, it almost seems like that is becoming more the norm lately than I would like or expect, but it is what it is. At least I am still getting out there and running down the road more often than not.

A very good thing.

However, I was wondering what was going on with my right foot. When I walked around the house barefoot and turned or came down on the outside of it, there was some sharp pain flare-ups happening more often than usual. It happened enough that I wondered if I should run or not. The thing was when I had shoes on walking around, the foot felt fine and I could twist, bend my foot with my hand, so I figured that I would go ahead and start the run and see how things felt.

It doesn’t feel like a stress fracture, more like a ligament or the tailor’s bunionette giving me a little more grief than usual. I ran a longer run for me yesterday, so that might have something to do with it? It is something I will keep a close eye one and shut things down if it continues to bother.

The weather was just about perfect, so I started out real easy and the foot felt fine. So I decided to keep a steady but comfortable effort through the first 3.0 miles and if everything felt good pickup the pace a little for the last mile.

Coming back from Bartlett I saw a woman with two dogs running in the other direction. We waved and I marveled/was jealous of how well her dogs behaved off-leash. The stayed right with her and didn’t hardly look at me, but they did place themselves between us.

If only Bennie could do that…never happen he is too hyper and too damaged by his previous owners to be let off leash. He goes and doesn’t come back and we have to chase/distract him, so we can catch him again, which can take hours.

I was feeling pretty good at the 3.0 mile mark, so I picked up the pace. Nothing crazy, just lengthened the stride out a little. Enough that I got down around 8:00 for a while. As I was finishing, I did go back by the woman with the dogs again and she yelled out to me “that is a great pace you got going”. Which made me smile and of course, I said “Thanks”. It is still nice when someone that you don’t know gives you a compliment out of the blue.

The right foot felt fine the entire run, so I am not sure what is going on there. I did run in the Peg34s and they felt great for the whole run.

One thing that I did this afternoon while dog sitting was look closely at my old Saucony Zealot 3s. They are a shoe that I really like everything about except for the way the bootie was too snug on my feet and after 4-5 miles my Metatarsals felt squeezed and would start to hurt until I stopped running.

When I got looking closely at the bootie construction without the insoles in, there is not a lot of give to the bootie and I got to wondering if I put a slit on each side of the bootie if it would loosen them up enough to make them shoes I can wear without discomfort. So I did. I figured that they are useless to me otherwise, so why not?

I will wear them sometime over the next week on a run to see if they still bother. I really do like the Saucony shoe styles, but their bootie construction in the Zealot 3s just doesn’t seem to work for me. Which is just my luck, I finally find a Saucony shoe that feels wide enough, but has that something that is not quite right about it for my feet. I hate to give up on a shoe that I like so much about…this is their last chance I have a feeling.

Overall, another one of those busy arse days, but I still had time for a pretty good run. 🙂

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