ReTrying the Response Boost and a Small Rant

Back in mid-September I got in a pair of Adidas Response Boost and really, really loved the fit and feel on the roads. Unfortunately, my feet (especially the Plantar Fascia in both feet) were not as impressed during the 4th and 5th runs in them. So I put them out back of the garage with the idea that they would go away.

Well Mary and were going to do a give-away trip to Goodwill and at the last minute I rescued the Response Boost. I really don’t have a clue why I chose to do it, but I just couldn’t get rid of them without giving them another shot.

Just a gut feeling – I guess.

This morning I just had to take them out for a run, although I was a bit leery after reading my blog post from the last time I wore the Response Boost.

I started out pretty slowly and actually kept it slow for the whole run. I wasn’t trying to get any speed, I was focused on how the shoe treated my feet. Every little twinge or slight discomfort was magnified 100% and I kept waiting for the shoes to bother me.

Never happened down back on the dirt or hills, but then came the true test getting back on tar while my feet were tired – this is where I had all the issues before

When I finished the 4th mile, Mary was right at the intersection so I slowed down to run with her for a mile.

We gabbed about the hunter down-back that had “instructed” us that we needed to wear orange and that Bennie needed to have an orange piece on as well for safety reasons. He went on to lecture us some more.

I bristled just a bit at that point, but didn’t act like a complete arse. I just pointed out that we had bright colors on, Bennie was on a leash at all times, we were walking on a town maintained road and that we had as much right to be on the road as he did. Well maybe I reacted to how I perceived he was talking to us and probably came across as a bit pissy about it.

He might have been attempting to be helpful, but I have a feeling that he was pissed because Bennie had been barking at some vehicles on the way back (before he came out of the woods in front of us) and disturbed his “peaceful” hunting experience, but that is the choice he makes when he hunts on private property that is owned by someone else (both landowners have given me permission to hunt on their land whenever I want) and that has a town road passing through it.

Plus I have a feeling that this was the same guy that got busted for shooting across the same road last year and a few years ago that told me that I couldn’t walk Bennie down where they were hunting. So there is a bit of history there as well.

Oh well, I know that orange is a necessary evil during hunting season, but at the same time hunters have to respect non-hunters they are sharing areas with, just as we need to respect them. If we choose to wear bright blue or flourescent yellow colors on a public road (even if it is dirt), that should not be an issue – we are VERY visible and it lets hunters know we are not hunters.

Okay mini rant over.

After running with Mary for a mile, I did 1.0 more at a little faster pace. I wanted to see if the feet were going to bother. I got in 6.0 very good miles, without the Response Boosts bothering my feet at all. Which is what I wanted.

If they had felt like this back in September, I would have a LOT more miles on them and wouldn’t have thought about putting them in the back of the garage. However, I will not just run in them, I will put them into the rotation and run in other shoes in addition to the Response Boost.

Good run.

Running in Augusta and Getting Back on Track

Today is about the only day this week that is forecast to see sunshine, so I was definitely going to get a run in – outside. However, I am also attempting to re-start some things this week that I have neglected for while. Things like: doing some base run work, weight training and cutting back on some of the crap that I am eating.

You know the typical stuff that I don’t do too well and prefer to just run or eat what I want.

Weight training means going to the gym, so after Bennie’s long walk I headed into Augusta to run and play at lifting weights.

After yesterday’s 7.0 miler, I wanted something shorter and to wear my Reebok RunFasts. I haven’t run in them for a while so it was time to get them back out again, do something a little faster, but nothing near race pace and get myself outside to run with the little sunshine we are getting this week.

Unfortunately, the Augusta Planet Fitness really doesn’t have all that great an area for running more than a 3.0 mile loop, without enjoying sharing the road with a multitude of vehicles flying by way too closely.

Going towards the MarketPlace is taking your life into other’s hands – it ain’t designed to accommodate pedestrians/runners/bicyclists down through that area. The Veteran’s Cemetery discourages, errr prohibits running through it, so going through there is not an option, which leave heading North on Civic Center Drive or going down-back through Leighton Road and a BFH.

The biggest thing about the Reebok RunFasts is that that I tend to run faster than I would in other shoes. Today was no different – I ran what I thought was an easy first mile and then picked up the pace to what I would consider comfortably hard.

It turned out to be quite a bit faster than I thought it was going to be, even though the effort level was right about where I wanted to be.

I felt I was being pretty consistent for the next 3.0 miles and I did pick it up a little once I got back on Civic Center Drive. The mile splits were pretty close, so I was really happy with the quality of the run.

When I got back to Planet Fitness I did a 10 Universal Machine workout with 2 sets of lighter weights. I need to get the old body used to doing the work again, before I start increasing resistance. Yeah, I could tell that I hadn’t done weights for a while and I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow – especially my right shoulder which needs to get some attention to strengthen it up again.

Yeah, without a doubt the Reebok RunFasts are the best shoes I have run in, in several years and unless something totally blows me away over the next couple of months they are going to be hard to beat for shoe of the year honors from me.

Another pretty good run.

and yes, I even some light weights.

Treadmilling and a Busy Last Few Days

After taking a couple days off to help SD2 finish moving into her new home, I got in a pretty good run around lunch time. Yeah, I didn’t even try to run the last couple of days while I was picking things up and putting them down.

One thing I have noticed as I get older is that the stamina to keep doing things for long periods of time is not nearly as good as it used to be. So by the time yesterday afternoon came around, I was cranky, my body sore and my bad shoulder felt like it was going to pop out a few times while moving some of the heavier stuff around.

And yes, I gave blood to moving gods – it seems that whenever I do stuff a bit of my blood creeps out of various punctures or scrapes that just occur or is it that I am simply naturally clumsy.

Oh well…

Life goes on.

Today was also the first day of Deer Hunting season up heah, so I got to wear orange stuff while walking Bennie and met a few hunters down-back. It was also a bit chilly and I had another dump run and some errands in town, that and by the time that I would get all of that stuff done, the big old N’oreseastah (they were saying more likely lots of rain than snow) they were predicting to hit us would be here.

So I opted for the treadmill at Planet Fitness while I was in town doing errands.

Of course with everything going, I forgot the shoes that I was planning on wearing and ended up using more of a speed day shoe – my Nike Rival 6’s. I keep them in my gym bag for just that kind of situation.

While warming up, I had a twinge in my lower left back. Never have any issues there so it must have been a present from moving SD2. Which meant a serious session on the foam roller before any running. It helped a lot and went from me considering another day that read DNR to getting on the treadmill and seeing how thing would work out.

I got on and set the speedometer to 7.1 mph and was pleasantly surprised that the back didn’t even twinge. Phew dodged a bullet there. I thought about doing the 9.0 miles I needed to get my Nike Speed Rivals over the 50 mile mark, but really that is about all I did was think about it.

The run was just putting one step in front of the other until I got to about a mile and a half, then I had that usual I gotta stop this thing pretty soon and run for the locker room feeling. I made it to 3.0 miles and at that point, I called it enough drudgery or holding back and made a beeline for the locker room.

While sitting there thinking about things, I decided that I was going to get back on the treadmill and use the Speed Rivals for what they are made for – speed work.

.25 @ 7.2

1.0 @ 8.6 mph

.25 @ 7.0

.50 @ 8.6 mph

.25 @ 7.0

.85 @ 8.6

I thought about doing the entire 3.1 at 8.6 mph, but to be honest I am not in that kind of shape right now and my head wasn’t into it, so even though I wasn’t feeling too back once I got that 1.0 mile done at 8.6 mph I decided to coast a bit.

Everything felt good, the Speed Rivals would be my go to fast for me shoes, but the only reason they are not is that the Reebok RunFasts feel just a little better on my feet and are definitely easier on the eyes. πŸ™‚

I run well in them and wouldn’t hesitate to use them for any distance I run in a race or hard training run.

Overall, a good treadmill workout and the next run I do in the Speed Rival 6s will put them over that magical 50 mile mark.

Another Day of Busyness – RunLog 10-23-18

Yesterday was one of those busy-arse days where 30,000 steps seemed like a pretty normal number for what was going on.

Starting by getting up early to referee the two pups (Bennie and Hunter) who have discovered that they really, really do not like one another. Getting our first white squall of the year, so there was an interesting twist to the morning walk. Then it was closing day for SD2 on her new house, which also means it was the start of moving her stuff in, during the afternoon.

However, in the midst of all the busyness, Mary made sure that I had an opportunity to Go For A Run. It was still pretty brisk, so I wore my one of my new winter weight long sleeve tech shirts and running pants, along with skull cap and running gloves for the first time this Fall.

I had planned on about 5.0 miles at around a 9:00 minute pace. Nothing all that fast, but something to get some miles in. After I got going, I realized that in my hurry to get out the door and away from the pups that I left my phone and running belt behind. Oh well, it just meant no photos.

Of course, the breeze was pretty much in my face going out, but coming back it was at my back most of the way, although it did seem to switch directions a few times along the way – that no matter what direction you are running, the running gods make sure that you are running into a headwind.

The run out actually felt faster than it was, I guess it had to do with running into the headwind and then coming back was about what it felt like – gotta like the tailwind. So the run was one of those ho-hum get it done runs. Nothing special happened while I was out there other than I got in 7.0 miles.

It became a 6.0 mile run with 1.0 cool-down – at least that is my story and I am sticking with it.

SD2 now owns a mortgage and we spent the bulk of the afternoon cleaning, moving her into the house and of course it rained, just like it has for every one of her moves over the years. Hopefully, this will be the last one that I am involved in. πŸ™‚

I don’t mind helping people move, but I am getting old and feeble for all that weight-lifting hehehe. By the time we quit for the night, I was dog tired and when I went to bed the Red Sox were leading 5-4 and this morning I found out they won 8-4. They lead the series 1-0. Go Sox.

I did end up with the Garmin telling me I had done 29, 817 steps yesterday, so yeah I was a bit tired when I did go to bed. All I know is that I barely remember the head hitting the pillow and I don’t remember a whole lot until about 6:30 AM came calling.

Saucony Liberty ISO OG – 50 Mile Review

The Saucony Liberty ISO OG after 50 miles. Yeah, another shoe that version 2 has been released already. However, this is also a post that back in May I never thought that I would write, but here it is October and they finally made it to that magical 50 mile mark.

This review is too long for most readers, so if you don’t want to read a small book, here is the executive summary:

After about 25 miles of less than impressive runs in the Liberty ISO OGs back in May, I retired them to the closet and figured that I wouldn’t be running again in them anytime soon. After sitting in the closet for about 4 months, I decided that I would try the same operation on the inner bootie that I did on my Zealot 3s and it seemed to help a lot. I also changed the lacing pattern to get a more consistent fit each time I put them on and changed out the stock insole to an Ortholite one. These changes made a huge difference in how comfortable the Liberty ISOs were for me to run in and I have added them back into my regular running rotation.

Back to the long version. Continue reading “Saucony Liberty ISO OG – 50 Mile Review”

Running w/SD2 & Around the Pond Road

I got to run with SD2 out to Goodhue, which was nice. Before I found out I was going to run with her I had planned on doing at least 8.0, so I could get my 30 miles for the week. However, with the opportunity to run with Christie, I was not sure of how many I would get in.

I was pretty sure that she wasn’t interested in running that far.

The temps to start were chilly (hats and gloves), with a headwind out to Goodhue Road, so it was a bit harder than usual. We talked a little, but it was more a nice companionable run after the first mile. The pace was right where I wanted it to be all the way out. All I know was that it was nice to run with someone else for a change.

When we were just about to Goodhue Christie said she was doing to stop there for a minute. She had told me several times while we were running together that I could go ahead and that she planned to walk a lot on the way back. So we hadn’t really planned on doing the entire run together from the start.

So I turned left and headed down towards the Pond Road.

I was feeling really good, but didn’t pick up the pace all that much. Along the Pond Road I just cruised along. I knew that I was going to slow the pace a lot coming back up the bigger hills, so I was not trying for any land speed records.

At the bottom of Bartlett Hill, my right heel started to bother, but it wasn’t all that bad, so I kept going, but it continued to bother just enough that I didn’t want to do more than getting an even 9.0 miles just past the house.

When I took off my shoes my right sock had a huge hole in it, so I wasn’t surprised that the right heel bothered. Once I saw how my sock looked, I think I was more surprised that I didn’t have bigger issues with the right heel than I did.

I did get to run longer in the Liberty ISOs and they did just fine. The run would have been even better if my old socks hadn’t gotten that huge hole in the heel, but I have feeling that an old body is probably more to blame for how my feet feel towards the end of longer runs than the shoes I wear. I just have to be willing to actually admit it. πŸ˜‰

The run itself was not anything special, it was all about putting one foot in front of the other, but it was nice to run the first part of the run with Christie.

Just Beat the Rains – RunLog 10-17-18

I think that for the foreseeable future I will plan on running in the afternoon, morning runs are just not happening. Nothing serious, but it just seems to be the way my schedule is working out right now. I will get back to my mid morning runs probably in November.

This morning was not the nicest and while this afternoon was absolutely gorgeous, however by the time I got out the door, the clouds were moving in and the breeze was picking up a little.

I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to do, but after yesterday’s DNR in the running due to our flip/flop drive over to New Hampshire and back, to visit one of Mary’s relatives I needed to get a run in. So I headed out the door planning on at least 4.0 and if I was feeling good more.

The first mile went by fairly well and I decided to head towards the Town Office at the last minute. One of the those emergency pit stops in the woods was a necessity, then all systems were go. By the time I got to the Campbell Farm, I got this great idea of running down to the Lyons Road, which would end up being a 5.0 miler.

The only problem with that is that to get to the Lyons Road, I have to run on the Middle Road and at that time of day with Sidney being a commuter community, the road is very busy (well for our area). Today was no exception and I spent more time on the dirt shoulders of the Middle Road than I did anything else.

I had thought about running a bit further, but when I got back to the Campbell Farm, I could feel the occasional rain drop and the clouds looked very threatening.

So I just brought it straight back to the house. I actually was feeling quite good and even though I slowed a bit on the hills, I can’t really complain too much about the run itself.

I ran again in the Saucony Breakthru 4s and they just felt really comfortable the entire run, which is all I can ask of my shoes. I am really liking the Breakthru 4s so far they are wide enough in the forefoot, feel very cushioned and while the heel isn’t quite as snug as I would like, they are not bad either.

Once I got back to the house it was sprinkling pretty good and just about 5 minutes after I got in, the rains came.

The dogs were all shaking and even though we couldn’t hear any thunder, they did not like the incoming storm for some reason. As far as we could tell it was only a heavy rain and some wind. We had to sit on the couch with them until it passed they were shaking so much. Not sure what that was all about, because for most rain storms it doesn’t bother them too much? This time it did – quite a bit.

However, I got my run in and yes, it felt really good.

Rainy, Blustery Day and Saucony Liberty ISO Update

Some days you are the bug and some days the windshield, today well let me tell you a story about a man named Harold who runs way too much.

This morning was the perfect morning for a run, so of course I didn’t run then. There was just too much going on, so of course by the time I got to get out and get my run in, it was 52*F (not bad), a bit breezy and raining.

Now I won’t melt in the rain, it is more getting that gumption up to get out the door, then once you out there running…well it isn’t all that bad. Actually I have had some of my best runs in these conditions.

I wore the Saucony Liberty ISOs again today, after yesterday’s better run, I was interested in seeing how they felt two days in a row with those new insoles in. Also I wanted to really give them a good workout in nastier conditions and between the slime downback on the dirt road and the wet roads, it was a really great day to test them out.

This run was going to be purposely slower, I know that I can run well in the the Liberty ISOs and also wanted to know how they felt at slower paces.

It was raining so much that after a half mile I had to take my glasses off – this blind as a bat running that I love so much on the slime down back is always an adventure that I really don’t enjoy. It just means that I automatically slow down on the dirt road sections of the run, when the glasses get taken off. Also with the rain, I didn’t bother bringing my iPhone – no sense in creating a problem when there isn’t one.

I didn’t have any issues with the Liberty ISOs and while I really wasn’t into the run, I ran well for the conditions. Even though Garmin Connect claims it was 52*F, it was a damned raw 52* and the breeze picked up pretty good coming back against it. The first 4.0 miles were pretty good and I had to focus a little more on mile 5.0 to maintain the same pace.

That last 1.2 miles was just a slog. I was soaked through, even though I was sweating I was also starting to feel the cold more than I should have at that point in a run. I have a sneaking suspicion that the cold is going to bother me more this year, so that I might be doing more time on the treadmill during the winter than I usually do.

At least I will still be running.

Today’s run certainly was not in a warm rain, it turned into one of those cold miserable rains and I was pretty glad when I got done.

How did the Liberty ISOs do.

If this had been my first run in them, I would not have been searching all summer for a shoe to run in. My metatarsals did not bother me at all, there were no issues with grip on the pavement or slime down back, the shoes felt comfortable – not too firm or stiff. This is how the Liberty’s should have felt back in May.

Yes, I have made a few changes that have made them comfortable for me, but took a bit to get here and I really came close to never running in these shoes again, which would have been too bad. They are turning into a pretty good pair of running shoes for me.

Now to see how long they stay in my rotation. πŸ™‚

Not a great run, but I learned a bit more about the Liberty ISOs and got some good miles in.

I might be doing something right, I got all three doggies on the coach with me, while I am writing this tonight.

Walking at Bond Brook & a 4.0 Miler Later

Something is going on with WordPress, I am not able to upload photos today? I will add them later.

This morning was the first real frost of the Fall or at least the first one where I had to scrape the windshield before heading out.

After yesterday’s good 8.0 miler where the Breakthru 4s did everything they were supposed to do. I didn’t want to do anything too overly difficult or long. Which meant that today was going to be something shorter and fairly easy.

But first Bennie and I took a trip to Augusta for a walk on the wild side over at Bond Brook.

I finally figured out where the other trailhead was near the bridge and we walked that trail until we got to the service road.

Once we got back to the other side of Tall Pines, I found a trail and we walked back down those trails until we got back to the bridge. We walked for about an hour and now that I have figured some of the newer to me trails out a little better, I will probably head back down there a few more times before the snow flies, only the next time I have a feeling I might do a run.

Speaking of running.

I didn’t get to run until a later in the afternoon, I had to get in lunch, my daily nap, some outside chores and just relax a little. I figured that a nice 4.0 miler would be about right.

Also I wanted to try out the Saucony Liberty ISO’s with a different insole to see how they felt. The Liberty’s feel just too darn firm for me, so I took the Ortholite insole out of my Salomon Sonic RAs and put them into the Liberty ISOs

Now I won’t say that it solved all of my issues with them!

However, within the first quarter mile, I could definitely tell a HUGE difference. I have never had a pair of running shoes feel this different, just by putting in a pair of insoles. They went from a harsh for me ride to a where they were comfortable. The rest of the run was more forgetting about the shoes firmness and just running.

Which gets me to the next issue with the Liberty ISOs, for me they seem to have a particular stride that they work best with and I can tell pretty quickly when I deviate from it. When I am hitting stride in them correctly, they are quiet and smooth, unfortunately, when I am off just a little they feel ungangly and I find myself fighting to get back to the proper stride again.

It might be that I just need to run more often in them, but…

Even so, I ran well in them, enough so that I had my 2nd fastest segment on the flats before Stevens Hill (just a second off my fastest time down there). My times didn’t end up being that fast, but at the same time I wasn’t attempting to run hard, but to run consistently…well except for that segment.

So the Liberty ISOs are a faster shoe, even though they are a heavier shoe compared to others in my rotation. So even though I have to fight to get the “right” stride, now that they feel more comfortable with the changes I have made to them, they are doing well by me.

Which I find fairly funny, because the Breakthru 4s while comfortable are not a shoe that I easily run faster in, they are over an ounce lighter than the Liberty ISOs. Sometimes it is more about how the shoes run, than how much they weigh.

Actually it was a pretty good day and I learned a lot about the Liberty ISOs and the trails at Bond Brook, so I consider it a very successful day