Another Week In the Books – 10-30-18

Some weeks are tougher than others. Well last week was a tough one physically and mentally. While we are getting closer to SD2’s house being done, it just isn’t done enough that she can move in yet. Which means she gets to live with us for a while until it is.

Not really a big deal it is only for a short time, but it did mean moving her out of her apartment and all her stuff into our garage – then it will have to be moved again when she can move into her new home around mid October.

However, it does mean that schedules, routines and all those other things that go along with any major change like this have to be revamped, updated – you know all those words we use to say that what we did last week is not what we will be doing this week.

It will all be fine, the three dogs, four cats and four adults will all get along, with a few hisses and dog spats along the way that really don’t mean anything.

Yes, there is a cat in the cube behind the dog and the dog didn’t realize it until the cat reached out and tapped her on the shoulder. There was a little barking at that point. Damn cat. 🙂

I think that it is more that I like my routine and when things change even if it is for a short time it takes me out of sorts for a while. Boy am I getting to be an old curmudgeon or what. 🙂

Also I noticed last week that my sleep hasn’t been as great as it usually is, I think worrying about what still needs to be done at SD2’s house, starting to get our’s ready for winter and the political partisanship crap that has taken over the guise of leadership of America’s government makes me think too much.


Even so I still got in almost 30 miles on 5 runs for the week and had the longest run I have had since July.

Monday – A comfortable run out to Goodhue and back.

Tuesday – It was rather nasty outside so I went inside to Planet Fitness and played on the treadmill. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I cranked out a pretty hard run, so I could get back to the house on time.

Wednesday – I was just exhausted mentally and physically, so I decided to take a day off.

Thursday – At the last minute I decided to go around the Pond Road and do a course I have done for a few years. While I ended up over 9:00 for the overall pace, most of the splits were under 9:00. Bartlett and Stevens hill skewed the final pace numbers.

Friday – A comfortable run to recover from the long run. Before I ran I did notice that the outside of my right foot was bothering more than it should, but when I ran it felt completely normal.

Saturday – SD2’s moving day – too busy and tired to get a run in.

Sunday – A quicker but fairly consistent on the splits run around the Middle Road. Lots of traffic to deal with, plus I was pretty meechy between the school and the Town Office since that is where I seem to pick up my nasty hamstring issues when I run this course. Once I got down on the Blake Road the guy with the White Chevy let his chocolate lab out to run ahead of me and it decided that it would be more fun to run with the old fart. He helped me maintain a decent pace until the Blake Hill. Then at the bottom of Stevens Hill I came up on Mary and SD2 walking the dogs, so I took Bennie and ran with him.

The plan was to run to the top of the hill and then catch back up with the girls. About halfway up Stevens Hill, my running belt came flying off and Bennie was loose. However, he was great and stood ahead of me waiting for the old fart to catch up. So I had to hold the leash, which makes it a lot tougher to run with Bennie. We finished up the 5.0 miles and called it good.

A very decent run 42:30 for the 5.0 on this hilly route.

Injuries or Soreness

Other than the usual hip and Achilles issues, this issue with the outside of my right forefoot probably has something to do with my Tailor’s Bunionette being irritated on the long run on Thursday. I don’t think it is anything serious, but I will keep an eye on it and see how it is going forward.

Running Shoes

I have three pair of shoes that are right at 99.+ miles. I couldn’t have done this if I had tried.

Nike Pegasus 34 are turning into favorites and go to shoes for my comfortable and longer runs they don’t bother my feet until I get over the 8.0 mile mark and that is more because my feet haven’t toughened up to doing that much work than anything else. I am liking them quite a bit. Though I would get a pair of 8.5s versus the 9.0s that I have, which are too long.

Reebok RunFast – I only ran once in them this week, but they just remain a comfortable shoe to run in. They were starting to look pretty nasty, so I cleaned them up and put them through the washer. While they still have a few stained spots the RunFasts look more like racing shoes than trainers now. I imagine they will go over 100 miles this week.

Nike Rival 6 – I had them with me and hadn’t run in them for a while, so they were on my feet for the treadmill run. No issues and if it were not for the Reebok RunFasts the Rival 6’s would be on my feet a LOT more. It is good to know that I have two pair of “go faster” for me shoes that I can rely on

Reebok Grasse Road – While I haven’t run in them for a while because they do feel a bit snug in the forefoot, the primary reason is that I have turned them into my walking shoes. Unfortunately, in that role they have developed a stench, not just a stink, that will not go away even after I put them through a rinse cycle. When I can smell a pair of shoes walking by their storage bin, I know that others in the house can really smell them. Not a good thing. So they are now airing out in the back of the garage and if they do not unripen a bit, will go away.

Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – I have been able to put them away for nastier weather running.

Nike Wild Horse OG – Waiting in the back of the truck for some trail running.

Saucony Zealot 3 – Yeah, I might be adding these back into the rotation if my experiment works. I am not a big fan of bootie construction in running shoes because it snugs up my forefoot too much and after 4-5 miles seems to get my metasarglia going. So the other day I cut about a two inch incision on both sides of the forefoot bootie to see if that relieves the snugness. If it works I will be very happy, because I did like the ride and road feel of the Zealot 3s.

The reality is that

Life is getting in the way of my running a little more than I would like right now. However, my running is doing pretty well in spite of the other stuff. Sometimes I have to just go with the flow and keep moving forward.

I did remove the Apple News App for a couple of day, just to get away from all the “stuff” going on. The 24/7 news cycle awareness seems to wear on me more than my physical activity. I just have to ration the news and hope that the politicians don’t totally screw things up so badly that…well we will see. Both parties are not impressing me with their theatrics and money grabbing or is that money grubbing, but from where I sit – one is really becoming the party of the rich and entitled moreso than the other.

It is just a question of which side of the aisle you are looking from – me I sit somewhat closer to the middle than either extreme and maybe that is the problem, we as an electorate have become too concerned with which party wins versus what is best for our Country.

Oh well it is now a new week and things are going to get better.

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