Treadmillin It and Zealot 3 Resurrection? – RunLog 10-1-18

I was thinking seriously about running outside this morning…well until I did Bennie’s long walk and it was raining fairly good and with the temps in the mid 40’s, it was pretty raw out there. Especially, when Bennie turned around early in his walk because he was starting to shiver pretty good.

Which meant a drive into Waterville to beat on Planet Fitness’ treadmill.

It also gave me a fairly safe day to run in the Zealot 3’s to see if they were going to bother or not.

Even though I did a little quicker run yesterday, once I got going, I decided to do a small progression run, nothing super hard, but getting things into a little quicker pace than usual.

So I did the following:

1.0 – 7.0 mph

1.0 – 7.1 mph

1.0 – 7.2 mph

2.0 – 7.5 mph

0.5 – 7.6 mph

0.5 – 7.7 mph

Now I wasn’t attempting to set any land speed records and kept things fairly reasonable.

I did have a quick pit stop at 2.0 miles to fix my toe sock on my right foot. The little toe felt “off” and I had to stop and take my shoes off to fix the sock. After that it didn’t bother and I was able to keep running without anymore sock issues.

Now to talk about the Saucony Zealot 3’s. After the 4.0 mile mark, I could feel my feet starting to tingle a little. Not nearly as bad as they have in the past in the Zealot 3’s and it never got to the point where it was more than slightly uncomfortable. However, it is still not the same level of comfort as the Pegasus have for me.

I will attempt to do one more change to the lacing and see if that makes any difference, but I am not optimistic that it will make much of a difference. I really think that I would have to cut the outside of the bootie complete to the end of the toe box for it to really make a difference for me. I really do not want to do that for the next person who might own them after me.

However, I do run really well in them which makes it really tough for me to give up on them. Maybe if I could get a pair of Saucony Breakthu’s since they do not have the bootie style, they would work for me.

We will see.

I just wish that the Zealot 3s didn’t bother my forefeet as much, they are just about what I am really looking for in a shoe. However, comfort is the most important thing I am looking for in a shoe and they haven’t quite reached that standard.

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