Switching Back to Augusta & 5K Tempo – RunLog 10-2-18

It was cold, rainy, a bit blustery…well just a nasty day yesterday. Which meant that at some point I was going to go run on the treadmill. It has been my experience that in this weather it is when I pull/strain a muscle the easiest, so I prefer to be a wimp and run on the treadmill.

By the time I was able to get a run in it was fairly late in the afternoon and it gave me a chance to think about something I have been thinking about for a while.

Switching my Planet Fitness gym membership back to Augusta. No nothing is wrong with Waterville’s PF gym and I like the outside running routes up there a lot better than Augusta’s.

The bottom line is that I just do not feel comfortable at the Waterville Planet Fitness and really haven’t been since I started there back in March. For some reason, even though I know and talk with more people in Waterville and the facility itself is much nicer, every time I go into the Waterville PF, I feel rushed (even when it isn’t busy). That feeling that I just want get back out the door as quickly as possible.

Augusta just has more of an “open” feel/atmosphere that makes me more willing to stick around to do some weights, stretch and foam roll after I get done running on the treadmill.

So yesterday I went to Augusta and changed my membership back to that Planet Fitness.

Then I stretched.

Ran a tough for me tempo/progression 7.5 mph to 8.6 mph 5K on the treadmill.

Stretched/foam rolled

I left the gym feeling good about my workout and knowing that I had done the correct thing for me in switching back. I know that I will whine about the lack of running routes at some point, but like they say “a bitching sailor is a happy sailor”.

While I was writing this, it came to me at least part of the reason for my comfort level in the Augusta Planet Fitness was that the staff while I was completing the transfer process was joking around with me. They were smiling, laughing and taking time to talk with me as a person, not just another number.

A lot of the same staff that has been in Augusta for a while was still there. Maybe that is a part of my comfort zone – the staff seem friendlier/more relaxed around the members.

Which is very different from my experience in Waterville. It isn’t like the staff was unfriendly or anything, it was more that I had zero interactions with them beyond hello, excuse me and goodbye. The staff there was always busy, stressed and seemed to be on edge all the time.

Maybe that is what I was feeling.

I think that might be a bigger part of my comfort level than I thought.

All I know is that it felt good to be back at the Augusta Planet Fitness where I didn’t feel like I had to get out of the building as quickly as possible.