Almost But Not Quite Right – RunLog 10-5-18

It was one of those pretty cool runs that you can only have in the Fall. Mid 40’s, bright sunshine and a bit of breeze. Long sleeve top and shorts – yeah just about a perfect day for a great run.

I thought that I would try a longer run outside in my Saucony Zealot 3’s today to see if my little alteration to the booties would make a difference or not. I figured that an easy run out to Goodhue Road would be a nice test.

The first mile felt good and I was pretty surprised when the first mile split was just over 8:30. I wasn’t pushing the pace or anything. This first mile reminded me why I really am giving the Zealot 3’s another opportunity. I run really well in them and they are just about perfect for where I run.

Going into the second mile nothing hurt and there was zero discomfort, so I was hopeful that I “fixed” them enough that they were going to be the running shoes that I had hoped they would be back in May.

After I passed the 2.0 mile point, I could feel the right foot starting to bother a little – more a distraction than uncomfortable, but it was there.


I hoped that it would go away, but it didn’t. The distraction never got beyond just a feeling and nothing like it was when I was running regularly in them in May. Which meant that the surgery on the inner bootie was having some positive affect. Also it was only the right foot that was bothering – the left foot felt fine.

Progress but…

I wasn’t certain of how things were going to go as I got further into the run, so I decided to be conservative and turned back to the house at Notta Road for a 5.0 miler versus my planned 7.0. Which sort of sucked, but sometimes I do actually think about what I am doing and quite honestly, I have been running mostly pain-free lately and didn’t want to deal with any major discomfort on this run either.

Going back, I was a little frustrated and lost my focus for a while. I was seriously thinking about what surgery I could or needed to do to that damned bootie on my right foot as soon as I got home, because I really do like the Zealot 3s except for that damned thing bootie.

However, I still had to finish this run.

Thankfully, the discomfort in my right foot never really got any worse, but it didn’t really get all that much better either throughout the rest of the run. The right foot was a distraction because it felt as though it was going to start to really bother at any minute, so I was too focused on when that was going to happen versus just running.

Even so, I managed to run 8:40 pace overall for the 5.0 miles, with my mind more concerned about how my right foot was feeling than running. The rest of the body felt fine. So that still tells me that I still run well in the Zealot 3s.

So I am at a bit of a conundrum regarding whether I like them enough to cut most of the bootie out of the outside of the right shoe. It comes down to:

A. If I do and it doesn’t work, then I have screwed the shoes up for the next person who is lucky enough to get them.

B. If I do and my foot doesn’t bother when running in them I have added a really nice shoe to my rotation and will be able to run well in them.

I have a feeling that I will wait a week or so and maybe attempt another run in them the way they are or just a little tweak, to see if I continue to have the issue with the discomfort in my right shoe.

The run was a pretty decent 5.0 miler, now to get the Zealots so that they don’t bother my right foot.

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