Feeling A Little Off, But Still Getting Things Done

It seems that I am turning into a later afternoon runner for the next few weeks. 🙂 Just a lot going on around the house and by the time I get to feeling like running, it is already afternoon.

Yesterday’s run was just more of the same…

I wasn’t feeling really great in the morning, headache and a bit of an upset stomach, but not enough to really stop me from getting stuff done. One of those minor inconvenient yech feeling mornings. Nothing serious. We still walked the dawgs (sp) and did stuff around the house.

After lunch, I started the closing up the garden routine, busting up the rows and leveling out the dirt to get it ready for a good dose of lime and the winter snow pack. Gardening may sound relaxing and easy, but when doing the actual work with a hoe, it is a pretty good workout. I know that I worked up a decent sweat.

Once I got what I could do in the garden, I was ready for a run.

I was supposed to do a longer run, but the distance/time seemed too overwhelming for me right now, so I decided to simply run down to the Town Office and back to see how things shook out.

The run itself was nothing to write home about, a nice Zone 2 run, that I slowed down way too much on Blake and Stevens Hills. Today was simply about feeling better and getting a few miles on my feet.

One thing I am not too sure about is the Pegasus 34s? It seems like the outside of my right foot is bothering me a lot more since I started running primarily in them. Maybe I will take a week away from running in them to see if it is me or something about the shoes.

Maybe wearing them in a size 9.0 versus my actual size 8.0 foot has something to do with it? It shouldn’t make that big a difference, but sometimes that foot is pretty particular about what I wear on it while running. So we will see on that one.

Still it was a pretty good run and by the end of the day I was feeling a lot more like myself.

We are one step closer to SD2’s house being done! CMP connected it to the power pole yesterday afternoon. Now to finish up all the little things that depended on the house having power, yardwork finished, get the propane tank delivered and connected to the heating system, so she can close and move in. I hate to say I told you so, but when we got word for us to get the trees cut, I told Mary it would be about 1 November before she would be in and I think I was pretty spot on. 😉

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