No Hills Today – RunLog 10-8-18

Some days, you just want to run a mostly flat route. Unfortunately, for me that means either driving someplace else to run or doing 1 mile laps on the road in front of the house. I didn’t really feel like driving so that meant doing laps in front of the house.

I guess I am somewhat strange, because doing laps really doesn’t bother me. I can just put the brain in neutral, start running, play a couple of mental tricks once in while and just keep plugging away.

Since I was too lazy to go anywhere else mile laps were the order for the day. Mondays are just for getting a few miles in and where I did a pretty good 7.0 yesterday, I figured 5.0 miles would be about right.

During the dog walk this morning, the way that the leashes hit my left wrist starts my Garmin by accident 3-4 times a walk and I have to discard the “run”. Which is a pain in the arse. So I after the 4th time I decided to put my Garmin on the right wrist. I have been wearing watches on my left wrist for 50 or so years and it just doesn’t feel “right” on my right wrist.

I purposely didn’t change it back for the run and noticed that whenever I wanted to check my pace at the end of a mile lap that I would raise my left wrist and grumble a bit. I never did get the splits for the first three miles until after I finished, which was probably a good thing.

So the first 3.0 miles, I ran blind and just ran pretty easy. That first mile my left ankle did bother a bit, but once it got loosened up, I ran on it without any issues. I think that if I attempt to run too much in my 4mm drop shoes without any transition time that they do bother my ankle a little more. The 8mm drop Breakthru 4s seem to help it, so I just have to remember to not run too often or consecutive days in the Zealot 3s or Liberty’s going forward.

I did pick up the effort for the last mile, but never got out of the comfortably hard effort level. Which turned the run into a sort of progression run, because each of the mile splits was quicker than previous one.

The Breakthru 4s did just fine.

I noticed that the bottoms of my feet have been bothering me quite a bit lately and when I looked at them after showering today, I noticed that both feet have some pretty nasty callous build-up. A lot more than I had thought was there. Which is something that I thought I was keeping up with, but when I looked closer, I needed to do some work on them.

Once I got the callouses reduced down to reasonable levels again, I could already feel a difference for the bottoms of my feet. Hopefully, having done this will help my feet feel better during my runs.

Another nice run, where I was smiling at the end.

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