Nope Didn’t Feel Like Running At All – RunLog 10-9-18

I will be honest today I really didn’t feel like running – at all.

The weather might have played a bit of a factor in that blah feeling, since I have acclimated to the cooler temps and this morning was more like August than a third of the way through October.

Initially I was going to go over to Colby and play on the track for 5-7 miles, but when I got out of the Ford dealership, I had a bad case of the blahs and just turned to go home. By the time I got home the idea of running just didn’t appeal to me. So I sat on the couch and relaxed for about a half an hour.

I told myself that I would go out the door at 10:30a. Well that came and went.

I am going to take Dad up above Greenville tomorrow to pay our respects to my Mom and am pretty sure that it will end up being a DNR in the log book. The trip is very important to me, but at the same it is all about him, not me tomorrow, since I have a feeling that this might be one of the last times he makes this trip. He ain’t doing real great and well…its an important thing for us both.

Which meant that if I was going to have a decent weekly total that I had to get a few miles in today. So I grudgingly got my arse off the couch and got ready to run.

Tuesdays are supposed be a go faster day, so I was wearing my RunFasts and figured that I would see how I felt to whether I ran fast or just got the miles in.

The first mile was okay, but I felt forced, the second one while a little faster still felt forced and when I got past the 2.0 mile mark, I had to find a place to dash into the woods. I made it there, but not by much.

After that pit stop I lost focus, well I should say any interest in running hard. I didn’t push again until I got to mile 4.0 when I decided that I needed to get my butt going again. I picked up the pace, but still just didn’t feel all that interested in pushing myself hard as I normally would on this kind of day.

The heat probably did have something to do with everything and I was sweating like a stuck pig. However, I also didn’t have any motivation or drive to run faster.

At that point, I decided that I was going to just do the Goodhue 10K and stop at the bottom of Stevens Hill. This took a little pressure off and I just wilted that last part.

It was still a pretty good run, not as fast and certainly without the mental toughness that I would like have to do a harder run, but still with everything going on around the house and the sudden heat, I did get it done and sometimes the doing is most of the battle.

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