Walking at Bond Brook & a 4.0 Miler Later

Something is going on with WordPress, I am not able to upload photos today? I will add them later.

This morning was the first real frost of the Fall or at least the first one where I had to scrape the windshield before heading out.

After yesterday’s good 8.0 miler where the Breakthru 4s did everything they were supposed to do. I didn’t want to do anything too overly difficult or long. Which meant that today was going to be something shorter and fairly easy.

But first Bennie and I took a trip to Augusta for a walk on the wild side over at Bond Brook.

I finally figured out where the other trailhead was near the bridge and we walked that trail until we got to the service road.

Once we got back to the other side of Tall Pines, I found a trail and we walked back down those trails until we got back to the bridge. We walked for about an hour and now that I have figured some of the newer to me trails out a little better, I will probably head back down there a few more times before the snow flies, only the next time I have a feeling I might do a run.

Speaking of running.

I didn’t get to run until a later in the afternoon, I had to get in lunch, my daily nap, some outside chores and just relax a little. I figured that a nice 4.0 miler would be about right.

Also I wanted to try out the Saucony Liberty ISO’s with a different insole to see how they felt. The Liberty’s feel just too darn firm for me, so I took the Ortholite insole out of my Salomon Sonic RAs and put them into the Liberty ISOs

Now I won’t say that it solved all of my issues with them!

However, within the first quarter mile, I could definitely tell a HUGE difference. I have never had a pair of running shoes feel this different, just by putting in a pair of insoles. They went from a harsh for me ride to a where they were comfortable. The rest of the run was more forgetting about the shoes firmness and just running.

Which gets me to the next issue with the Liberty ISOs, for me they seem to have a particular stride that they work best with and I can tell pretty quickly when I deviate from it. When I am hitting stride in them correctly, they are quiet and smooth, unfortunately, when I am off just a little they feel ungangly and I find myself fighting to get back to the proper stride again.

It might be that I just need to run more often in them, but…

Even so, I ran well in them, enough so that I had my 2nd fastest segment on the flats before Stevens Hill (just a second off my fastest time down there). My times didn’t end up being that fast, but at the same time I wasn’t attempting to run hard, but to run consistently…well except for that segment.

So the Liberty ISOs are a faster shoe, even though they are a heavier shoe compared to others in my rotation. So even though I have to fight to get the “right” stride, now that they feel more comfortable with the changes I have made to them, they are doing well by me.

Which I find fairly funny, because the Breakthru 4s while comfortable are not a shoe that I easily run faster in, they are over an ounce lighter than the Liberty ISOs. Sometimes it is more about how the shoes run, than how much they weigh.

Actually it was a pretty good day and I learned a lot about the Liberty ISOs and the trails at Bond Brook, so I consider it a very successful day