Another Day of Busyness – RunLog 10-23-18

Yesterday was one of those busy-arse days where 30,000 steps seemed like a pretty normal number for what was going on.

Starting by getting up early to referee the two pups (Bennie and Hunter) who have discovered that they really, really do not like one another. Getting our first white squall of the year, so there was an interesting twist to the morning walk. Then it was closing day for SD2 on her new house, which also means it was the start of moving her stuff in, during the afternoon.

However, in the midst of all the busyness, Mary made sure that I had an opportunity to Go For A Run. It was still pretty brisk, so I wore my one of my new winter weight long sleeve tech shirts and running pants, along with skull cap and running gloves for the first time this Fall.

I had planned on about 5.0 miles at around a 9:00 minute pace. Nothing all that fast, but something to get some miles in. After I got going, I realized that in my hurry to get out the door and away from the pups that I left my phone and running belt behind. Oh well, it just meant no photos.

Of course, the breeze was pretty much in my face going out, but coming back it was at my back most of the way, although it did seem to switch directions a few times along the way – that no matter what direction you are running, the running gods make sure that you are running into a headwind.

The run out actually felt faster than it was, I guess it had to do with running into the headwind and then coming back was about what it felt like – gotta like the tailwind. So the run was one of those ho-hum get it done runs. Nothing special happened while I was out there other than I got in 7.0 miles.

It became a 6.0 mile run with 1.0 cool-down – at least that is my story and I am sticking with it.

SD2 now owns a mortgage and we spent the bulk of the afternoon cleaning, moving her into the house and of course it rained, just like it has for every one of her moves over the years. Hopefully, this will be the last one that I am involved in. 🙂

I don’t mind helping people move, but I am getting old and feeble for all that weight-lifting hehehe. By the time we quit for the night, I was dog tired and when I went to bed the Red Sox were leading 5-4 and this morning I found out they won 8-4. They lead the series 1-0. Go Sox.

I did end up with the Garmin telling me I had done 29, 817 steps yesterday, so yeah I was a bit tired when I did go to bed. All I know is that I barely remember the head hitting the pillow and I don’t remember a whole lot until about 6:30 AM came calling.

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