Nike Rival 6 – 50 Mile Review

This is the story of a pair of running shoes that deserve more run time from me than they have gotten. The Nike Rival 6s are shoe that I run very well in (a 22:33 treadmill 5K today) and don’t have anything really bad to say about them other than they are fugly when you look down at them in my opinion.

The truth of it is that their place in my running shoe rotation was taken over by the shoes that are more than likely going to be my running shoe of the year and probably one of the best pair of running shoes that I have ever run in over the 40 plus years I have been a runner.

It was just bad timing for the Rival 6s. Continue reading “Nike Rival 6 – 50 Mile Review”

Busy, Faster 5K Treadmill and Too Many Errands

Another one of those busy days where my planned long run took a back seat to getting stuff done. Let’s just say that I needed to be a dryer repairman (surprisingly it now works and no parts were left over), go to Home Depot to get stuff to ready for all that nasty white shite that will be here before we want it to and get to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a pair of elastic shoe laces.

Then add in a stop at the Town Office to pickup SD2’s absentee ballot and go through that process meant that my run was taking a back seat to running errands.

I had originally planned on heading down to the Augusta Rail Trail Head this morning and doing something in the double-digit range. When I looked at all the stuff that was going on and what time it was when I finished repairing the dryer, I was not doing anything all that long. I figured by that point 3-5 miles was about all I would get in.

Since I was headed into Augusta, I figured that I would run outside at Planet Fitness again. However, when I got there it was starting to rain and it was only in the mid 40’s not bad, but not what I felt like enduring this morning. So I decided to hop on the treadmill and get it done. Plus I wanted to get the Rival 6s over 50 miles, so they came out of the gym bag.

I started out at 8.1 mph, yeah a lot quicker than I usually do and I maintained the pace for a mile and half and felt strong, which meant that I kept increasing the pace every so often after that and had a pretty good kick for the last .1 of the faster than I expected 5K. I slowed down enough to start breathing again and then picked up the pace to 7.0 mph for my cool-down to 4.0 miles.

Then I got a lot stoopid and cranked it up to 7.5 mph for a quarter mile and finished off the run with a 8.6 mph quarter. You know something I was beat!!! However, I felt pretty damn good too!!!

That is the fastest I have run in a while and didn’t feel completely wasted.

However, I ran out of time and needed to get going on my errand runs.

Needless to say I was very happy with how I felt and the time for that 5K and then to be able to kick it back up again was really promising. Although I am headed into my base phase, I would still once a week do something a little quicker. The older I get the faster I loose speed and I have a feeling that there is a lot of if I don’t keep using it, I WILL loose what little I have left.

Yeah, I now have over 50 miles on the Rival 6s and need to finish up that review that I have almost done.