Another Treadmill Run and Worrying About Bean

This morning I was a bit of a worry-wort. Bennie was not acting like Bennie so instead of heading out for a run or to the gym, I stuck around the house to make sure he was okay. We are not sure what is going on, but if it continues tomorrow, we are going to make a Vet appointment to see what’s up.

He started to look a little better, so I headed off to the gym this afternoon. It was just cold, wet and nasty outside, so I decided to do another treadmill run. It was also a chance to get to Dick’s to get a pair of elastic laces for my adidas Adizero Adios, after the mice in the back of the garage decided to gnaw on the stock ones.

Not a big deal, but cleaning them up and putting in the new laces was a bit of a pain. While the mice mainly went after the shoelaces, they did get the left upper lace area a little, but it definitely could have been a LOT worse.

It was my first run in this pair of Adios Boost 3 Akita’s and they didn’t disappoint. Everything that I loved about my first pair was still there and they seemed to fit a lot better than the last pair of size 8.0s that I had. Although I have a feeling that a pair of 9.0s would be even better.

Today was going to be nothing but a quick recovery run at 7.2 mph for 5.0 miles. Which is exactly what I did. Although at 4.29 I was running along and my hand touched the kill switch and the treadmill immediately went to zero. Crap!!! I hate when I do that. Luckily, I glanced at the mileage just before it stopped. I restarted and finished the last 0.81.

The AB3s did fine, I didn’t really think about them and that is the biggest thing I want from my running shoes, not to think about them, just run comfortably.

I did finally remember to use my heart rate strap and it took about three minutes after I got going for my heart rate to settle down to a steady rate. Once it got settled in it stayed around 132-134 for a couple of miles and then slowly increased up to about 144 when I got to 5.0 miles. Which I thought was about what it should be.

While nothing special it was a comfortable 5.0 mile run at 7.2 mph and I got the miles in.

As for Bennie, I have a feeling that we will be heading to the Vet at some point tomorrow, something ain’t right with him, he is eliminating and eating, but something is going on neurologically. Yes, I am pretty worried about him, hopefully it is nothing serious.

2 thoughts on “Another Treadmill Run and Worrying About Bean

    1. Yeah, I was happy that the mice didn’t totally trash the shoes. They have done a lot of damage out in the back of the garage this year and I didn’t have them in my metal cabinet, so it was partially my fault they got what they did. Bennie is doing a lot better, we took him to the Vet and everything appeared fine, but he is still not 100%, he will be back to it soon I have a feeling. 🙂

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