Still Breezy and a nice 5.0 Miler

Well the winds came last night and we lost power for a few hours. Nothing serious, but it did give us a chance to see what we need to do better for next time and yes, unfortunately there will always be a next time. Electric power is taken for granted and seems to be always there for most of us, so when it is not – it becomes more than a simple inconvenience for most of us.

When there is no electricity, it quickly changes how we live and view things.

I will say it was a relief to get it back and not have to deal with things, but I gotta get some things squared away, now that I am aware of them.

It was a bit chilly this morning and the winds were still blowing a little more than is comfortable, but I didn’t feel like driving into Augusta and playing on the treadmill again. So I ran outside.

The sun was shining for a change, so it was also one of the reasons to run outside.

Really once I got going it wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t plan on it being a hard run or anything, so I just plugged along. I slowed down in all the normal places, did my usual comfortable 9:00 minute pace around the Middle Road and felt pretty decent when I got done. Although running up Blake Road was a bit of an effort running into the wind – nothing serious.

I ran in the adidas Response Boost 2’s and they didn’t bother, but then again they felt like they were on the edge of starting to bother my left Plantar Fascia. Nothing came of it, but there is something about them that I have to be careful running in them.

Actually it turned out to be a very good run.

I did a bit of raking the lawn the old fashioned way this afternoon and as usual that bothers the hell out of my right shoulder…but it needs to get done.

Although I did put six pair of running shoes into my metal cabinet (mouse proof) out in the back of the garage. They are more summer weight shoes and won’t be all that comfortable running outside in as the weather gets colder. The colder weather is coming, so I might as well get ready for it now. 🙂

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