A Surprise Progression Run and Some of Nature’s Beauty

I had planned on a comfortable 7.0 miler out to Goodhue and back, and that is what I did for mileage, but what I did while running this course surprised me a little. No, nothing bad, in fact it was actually pretty damn good.

The plan included wearing my adidas Response 2s to see how they performed on a bit longer run – to see if they did better than the last time I ran this course in them. They did.

One thing that I did differently before I ran was to foam roll my legs and used a golf ball on the bottoms of my feet to loosen things up. This little thing made a pretty big difference, my feet and legs bothered a lot less than they usually do during a longer run – a very good thing.

First mile was fairly easy and just getting the legs and lungs to accept the idea that it was time to run. Then I picked up the effort just a little. For the next 4.0 miles I accidentally did a progression run. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. Which surprised me more than a little.

Especially, since it was still pretty chilly, according to the house thermometer 33*F but the wind was almost calm and didn’t have much affect on the run. I figured wearing long running pants, tech s/s t-shirt and tech l/s t-shirt along with a running jacket, skull cap and running mittens would be too warm to run to hard without overheating. While I worked up a pretty decent sweat, I didn’t feel overheated until the last mile.

Okay get back to the run.

Usually, I slow down between mile 2 and 3 on this course, because it is deceptively uphill, so today I pushed a little harder up to the top of the hill (where Tiffany ends) and was feeling pretty good, so I maintained the same effort level after I turned back, which meant a little better split for mile 4 – that going down the hill that I just ran up helps a lot. Then I pushed a little harder through to the end of mile 5.0.

At that point I took my foot off the gas and the last mile up Stevens Hill, I kind of dogged it. Then picked up the pace again once I got to the flatter section. Nothing super hard, but it was nice to be able to turn it back on a little towards the end.

When I finished I saw how fast I had been running at what felt like a comfortably hard level of effort for me. Not that long ago, to run this pace would have taken a bit harder level of effort. A sub 8:30 pace overall was probably the fastest I have done this course since 2012. A sub 60:00 minute 7.0 miler ain’t too shabby on this course and still have another gear left to use if I had really wanted to, was a confidence builder.

While walking back to the house a flight of geese went overhead. I haven’t seen a flight this big in a lot of years.

There were well over a 100 in this flight and it stretched out a long way. A couple of the neighbors cars were out and they stopped to watch them go by.

Mary did ask me if I was going to run any of the local Turkey Trots and I told that I was thinking about it and would like to, but would wait until I got closer before making up my mind. I will run a race at some point this fall, but if I don’t I am not going to get too worked up about it.

A very good surprise progression run and getting to see some of nature’s natural beauty really did make my day.

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