Voted and Ran on a Wet Tuesday

I hope you voted today, I did and while it was only one vote – it was for the people I believe best represent my positions on a variety of issues both National and Local.

They are not Democrat versus Republican or even Liberal versus Conservative issues, there are many divisive issues on the table that need to be dealt with and probably will often lead to unpopular decisions that need to made to make our Country stronger going forward and maintain our adherence to the U.S. Constitution, not loyalty to a party or any one individual.

I hope that we have the Will and leadership to make those decisions and that the people I voted for stand up for a majority of those same principles that I believe in.

Now to get back to writing about my boring life and a little running.

Today I ran in the adidas Response Boost 3s that I lightened up a bit this weekend. I ran down to the Town Office and subjected the shoes to light rain, wet dirt/gravel roads and they quickly reminded me of one thing.

First let’s talk about the run.

After yesterday’s harder/longer run, I purposely wanted to just run easy and only planned on 4-5 miles. I had walked Bennie a couple of miles and figured out that the heavy mist was going to be a bit too much to wear glasses and still be able to see out of them. Also the temps were not all that bad in the 40’s, so I didn’t need to gear up for cold weather running.

The first mile was about a 9:00 minute pace and I maintained that for three of the four miles. However, by the time I got to the turn-around at the Town Office, I could tell that I was going to slow down considerably over the last half of the run.

The Response 3s were still heavier than I am used to and reminded me why I dislike heavy shoes as much as I do. While they were both about a half an ounce lighter than they were when I got them, they were still closer to 11 ounces and over the years I have gotten spoilt by the newer shoes. You know those ones that are sub 10 ounces and still feel cushioned/protective.

While the Response 3s were okay and I have a feeling that they are more comfortable than I will give them a chance to be, because of the added weight they are not a shoe that I would add regularly to my current running shoe rotation. They are just too heavy compared to others that provide pretty much the same levels of protection.

The run was okay, but I wouldn’t want to run much further in the Response 3s, there was not the “joy of running” or that feeling of wanting to keep going for that extra mile, that I have in the Adios 3s, RunFasts or even the Response 2s.

Yeah, I will experiment with taking off that outside strap and seeing how that affects the ride, but there is a different feeling under my feet from the way the Boost midsole performs from the Response 2s or Adios 3s that isn’t as responsive also.

Today’s run in the Response 3s did remind about how much I dislike heavier shoes and as a result my eBay watch list has been pared down considerably. 🙂

A pretty good day inspite of the rain and running in heavy shoes.

Now to see what direction America will be going for the foreseeable future. If nothing else it will be interesting, but I am hopeful that support for the Constitution will continue through the lives of my Grandchildren and beyond. Too many have given too much for it not to be our guiding words and ultimately the Law of the Land.

If these two can get along, I am pretty sure that Democrats and Republicans can find common ground as well – if they dare.

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