Looking At Yesterday’s Election Results

In case you didn’t hear about it, the United States of America held another election. Every two years we gear-up to elect or re-elect people to represent us in various parts of government.

Yes, I voted yesterday and from my perspective as a naive sort of non-political old fart I learned a lot over this particular election cycle.

1. Evidentially when I registered to vote, when I moved to Sidney in 2000, that I must have been thinking outside the box or checked the wrong box. For as long as I remember I had always been a Republican and thought that I still was, but when I checked this year to see what party I was registered to while at the Town Office last week, it turned out I was registered Green Independent.


Yeah, I must have been thinking really outside the box that day, but you know something as I have gotten older maybe that is where I should be.

The environment is important to me and maybe being against the worst impulses of corporations/governments and the damage they are willing to do in the name of profits for their shareholders is not a bad thing when it comes to how they view the environment. Yeah, I know governments do not have shareholders, well…sometimes I wonder.

Then the Independent part.

I tend to look at the individual that is running and how their views on issues reflect my own, not what political party they are representing – sometimes it is not the same thing, but that is becoming more of an oxymoron in today’s political jungles. So if someone could actually see my actual voting record, it is all over the place and certainly not a straight line for one party or the other.

So I didn’t bother to change my party affiliation and you know something, I didn’t get all those damn robo calls and texts that Mary got for the last week. Hehehehe they are truly a pain in the arse.

2. As one of those naive old farts, I tend to think that at least either the Senate or House should be controlled by the opposition party of the Presidency. It is part of our checks and balances that are part and parcel of our Constitution. Unfortunately, I do believe and it does not matter which party it is, controls all three, it causes too many problems. It allows for far left or far right ideological bills to be passed or change the way business is done that comes back to bite future generations in the arse. Plus things that should be looked at a lot more closely, tend to have a blind eye turned away.

When at least one of the three (House, Senate or Presidency) is in the opposition’s control, it means that those ideologically pure things tend to become more moderate in order to get passed and signed into law or issues that need to be investigated are at least looked at.

I am a moderate and will never be mistaken for an ideologically pure voter by either party.

So the Democrats taking control of the House is probably a good thing in the long run for our Country, but boy is it going twist the knickers of some people who have enjoyed being able to control the message in and coming from Washington.

Yeah, this is where I am more than a little naive. I believe in doing the right things for the right reasons and that honesty is a good thing. Honesty and politics do not seem to belong in the same sentence anymore.

It has gotten so that when it comes to politics I have a patent mistrust of those in power and how power corrupts those in power. I do not believe I am alone in believing this and the corruption seems to be getting worse not better.

3. All politics end up being local and when I drove around Maine during September and October, that big Blue Wave that so many were predicting was not what I was seeing around the rural country-side. While the Democrats did carry more than I thought they would, there was no where near the perfect storm that was predicted here in Maine or Nationally at various points this Fall.

4. That each election cycle is getting more and more vicious and with the emphasis on portraying the other candidate (from whatever political party) as the enemy, not as another person with a different perspective on how to represent us in the political office they are running for. At what point do we make it so that good, well qualified people no longer want to run for Office and we are left with some that do not really have voters best interests in mind…well sometimes I tend to think that is already happening. Say what the voters want hear and then do what the handlers tell them to do.

There is much more that this old fart could write about, but you know something I have a feeling that all the pundits, naysayers and media moguls will all say their fill about this most recent election cycle. What it comes down to is that my voice doesn’t really matter in the overall scheme of things, but you know something – I did vote and so did a lot of other people who are not feeling all that different from me voted too. So am I alone in my views, who knows?

All-in-all I have a feeling that the next couple of years will be a rough ride for our Country as the political ill-winds and posturing for the next Presidential election take precedence over governance and putting the Country’s needs before the party’s or an individual’s needs.

It will be interesting, but I have a feeling that it will be Sun Tzu’s definition of “interesting”, not the one that I learned about back in Newport Elementary School.

Yeah, we do live in interesting times.

All I know is this…

I took this oath many years ago and I still believe in those words.

2 thoughts on “Looking At Yesterday’s Election Results

  1. Definitely agree – the division has gotten brutal, and honestly it starts to impact everything from work to family and friends and more. I look and think – “if someone has THOSE thoughts about basic science … do I really want them on my project team at work?”. Not proud of that – but it has happened (fortunately I have not been forced to make that call yet).

    Also have always agreed that having checks and balances in the form of different parties holding different branches is a good thing. The sad thing is how we have watched as majority parties (mostly GOP, but not exclusively) have eliminated many of the former internal checks, things that required at least some degree of bipartisanship.

    The notion that we are all people, all deserve decent and equal treatment, all deserve dignity and the ability to not die bankrupt from the lack of a simple medical procedure while we’re simultaneously expanding the number of billionaires… these seem like they shouldn’t be fighting points. We used to think as a country that education is important – now education is a partisan battle. Two of our biggest environmental moves were by Republicans, yet now they would literally destroy anything and everything for a quick buck and the press headline of eliminating regulation.

    I don’t know where we go from here – I had really hoped that we were in a place where we could see true equality across race, gender, religion and LGBT status within my lifetime, but the election of a black president seemed to galvanize the forces of hatred that have always been there in our nation. It is really sad and shameful …

    1. All I can say is that having a lot of this “stuff” out in the open makes more people aware of how rampant racism of all kinds are and may lead to better understanding of where we need to go from here. Unfortunately, racism and prejudices will always existis, but when it is openly done, it is easier to shine the light on those who encourage it to spread and to fight against their hate, than the hidden agendas and back room talk was the done up until recently.

      I really believe that there are two things that are causing more of the greed and hatred in America today.
      1. Citizens United
      2. Attempts to undermine separation of Church and State in the Constitution
      Between these two ideological strands, I think you will find the root cause of many of the issues we are seeing in today’s America. Unfortunately, both of these hold sway for many voters and corporations in a Country that is becoming a Corptocracy and moving towards the dictionary definition of Fascism, along with the constant pushing for religious intolerance for anything other than their religion. Both are going to come back and bite us hard at some point in the future.
      However, with the current national leadership I do not see any of this changing all that much in the near future or even 10 years out. It will take a change of mindset from voters and the continuing die off of us Baby Boomers who seem to want to live in the 50s to 70s, versus moving forward towards the future.

      Like I have said before we will either become Star Wars or Star Trek, but it is looking like Senator Palpatine has the upper hand at the moment.

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