First Time On the KRRT in a While

This was the tale of a run that nearly wasn’t.

All morning my right calf has been a bit tight, not really bothersome, but uncomfortable to walk on, but not really enough to make me stop either. So I wasn’t really thinking that this morning was going to be all that great a run, IF I even got around to doing one.

However, it was also gorgeous outside and with the weather forecast for tonight and next week, well this was going to be the last day running outside in shorts for a while I have a feeling.

Screenshot from Weatherbug App on 11/9/18

Also I needed to pickup a couple of things in-town – deodorant and toothpaste kind of things, which can be pretty important if you want to keep others in the household semi-happy with a stenchy runner. Yeah after I ran, I stopped and got both. 🙂

All those thing put together meant that I was going to at least give it a go and see how the calf felt.

Now I haven’t run on the Kennebec River Rail Trail since they finished off the extension down to the lower parking lot and I really didn’t feel like wandering around the usual home routes, so I headed to Augusta to see the changes to Rail Trail head.

Actually, the changes are pretty nice, though coming up from the lower parking lot is a bit of a bump and would make you breath a lot harder during a race, but it will be a good training spot next summer to do some hill strides at the end of a run.

Enough of the other stuff, what about the run?

I actually warmed up, stretched the right leg a bit and figured that if it tightened up or tweaked a little, that I would shut it down and walk back to the truck.

“MMMM Houston what’s going on?”

After about the first 10 yards the right leg felt pretty good and running bothered less than walking on it??? So I kept it slow and the further I went the better the calf felt. So I figured why not just go with the flow and run comfortably.

My comfortable on the Rail Trail is always about 30 seconds faster than comfortable at home or Waterville – it does help that the KRRT is mostly flat and I don’t have to compete with cars, trucks or other vehicles that can totally ruin my day.

The pace was fairly consistent through the turn-around in Hallowell, although I did slow down a little when I went up the hill by the “Y”, to do a lap around Capitol Park. I may or may not have picked up the effort level just a tad coming back down the Park and the “Y” Hill. Then I probably maintained that same level of effort all the way back to the bridge.

Then I might have picked up the pace juuuussstttt a little going down to the lower parking lot, before backing off a lot along the sidewalk along the river and finishing at the flags.

Good Run.

Also a LOT faster than I expected after the first mile. The right calf didn’t talk nasty to me and while it was a little noticeable walking on it during cool down, it wasn’t as bad as it was before I ran, so that is a good thing.

Now to get ready for some sort of mixture of rain, sleet, snow and whatever else Mother Nature thinks is a good thing for tonight. 🙂

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