Treadmilling for a Reason

Well we were not supposed to get any snow, guess what 2″ or so, somehow ended up in the yard overnight, with a nice drizzle with the temps hovering around 35*F, happening during Bennie’s first walk. Nope neither one of us were impressed to say the least.

Things were a little better on his long walk, but it was still cold and damp. Although that hunter I have been having issues with hasn’t been around since Tuesday. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone else called him in to the Game Warden service and they “politely” asked him to move on, especially since I have seen a pretty noticeable increase in their vehicles wandering through downback since Tuesday.

About where the tire tracks end – is where the hunter was sitting looking back up the road. Yeah he was almost sitting in the road.

Just because something might possibly be legal in someone’s eyes, does not always mean it is legal or safe. All I know is that I feel better about walking and running downback without him sitting on the side of the road, looking up towards Stevens hill with a loaded weapon in his hands. Might be a nice guy and all that other stuff, but where he was hunting was not a good place to do it.

By the time I got back with Bennie, the wet and cold had turned to wet, cold and raining. Now I will not melt in the rain or anything, but when it is around 35*F, raining hard, the breeze is picking up, the ground still has a bit of snow on it and the dirt road downback was saturated and starting to turn slimy. I am not into that much self abuse when I have a better alternative.

The treadmill at Planet Fitness.

So off I trundled to PF to get in 3-4 miles on the treadmill.

I was also going to get to run in my Reebok RunFasts too. The bright white shoes bouncing around outside during deer hunting season probably ain’t a real good idea and I haven’t been able to wear them outside besides on Sundays since it started.

Everything was pretty routine and running at a comfortable for me treadmill pace, at least until I got about a mile and half into the run. At that point I started to get that wonderful feeling of this ain’t gonna wait until 3-4 miles. I lasted to 2.2 miles and had to wobble off with clenched cheekers to the locker room. Made it.

When I got back out on the treadmill I just continued on at the same pace, but this time when I got to 1.0 mile I decided to do 5 strides to finish up the workout. I was wearing the Reebok RunFasts and they just were begging to go fast and I was feeling really good, so I figured that 5 x .1 wouldn’t bother me too much.

The strides went well and I haven’t run this fast on treadmill in a while, so it was nice to know that I still have a little bit of ummph still left in the old body.

Good choice by the old fart this time. Running in shorts, t-shirt and Reebok RunFasts on a treadmill, sure did beat running outside this morning geared up for cold weather running, getting soaked and having to wear my trail shoes.