A Trip South & Running With Sam


It was just a tad windy, not breezy last night, which means I might have gotten maybe four hours sleep over the course of the night. Every time I would just about drop off, another howling gust would roar through and it wasn’t any better this morning on Bennie’s walk.

Luckily the winds dried up most of the wet spots from yesterday’s deluge and there were only a few spots with black ice. Although the driveway did have a nasty glaze, enough that I had to spread sand up by the house.

However, we made it through the night without loosing power…

So I thought it might be pretty safe to make that trip down to New Hampshire, Go For A Run with Sam W, have some nice conversations over lunch, then hit the Kittery outlets on the way home.

Well two our of three ain’t bad. I got a nice, but cold and windy run in with Sam, had a really nice lunch, lots of great conversation, but got a text from Mary saying the power was out, just before we headed off on our run. Which of course kind of put a damper on enjoying the run as much as I would have otherwise.

Yeah, my mind was in two places, here I was enjoying myself – well at least enjoying the company and conversations with Sam, but worrying a little about Mary at the house without power. I knew she could get the fireplace going and all that, but I think it is pretty normal to think about hurrying things up a little to get home and make sure everything is okay.

Unfortunately, I was two and half to three hours away and according to her the expected time to get power back would be before I could get home. So I stuck around enjoyed myself the best I could and talked a lot about running shoes, politics and life with Sam for the New Castle Loop.

Of all the stuff that I could forget, I forgot my outer layer jacket and panicked for a second while waiting for Sam in the parking lot about what I was going to wear for a wind breaker, then I remembered my old Patagonia Anorak that I keep in the bottom of my gym bag for just this kind of situation. Phew, I thought I was going to have to go find a second hand shop really quickly to get a windbreaker type jacket. There was no way I was not wearing a jacket on top of my polar fleece vest, tech gear and tech t-shirt, the wind would have chilled me to the core.

I did get a chance to look at the Reebok Sweet Ride 2s and another pair of shoes that I can’t talk about, but looked pretty sweet. No photos of Sam below the knees today ;-).

The SR2s are a great looking shoe and the heel cup would not bother me like the Grasse Roads did. Unfortunately, there was something about how they upper stretched across my Tailor’s Bunionette that didn’t feel right and even though Sam offered to let me run in them, I declined based on that.

Instead I ran in my old adidas Response 2s and they did just fine.

So yes, it was blowin pretty good down there too. Luckily most of the major blasts were at our back (good planning on Sam’s part) and we were not at all interested in running faster anyway. He was still recovering from a pretty tough 1/2 marathon on Sunday and I had that hard speed workout yesterday. Still the temps were in the 20’s to start and with the wind chills it was cold.

Well look at how I was dressed. Sam is just tougher than I am, he wasn’t nearly as bundled up.

I did stop at a few places in Kittery on the way home. You know the adidas Outlet Store and while I was sorely tempted to buy both pair of their Adios 3s in size 8.5 for $29.95 with 75% off the second pair they had on the clearance rack. I am liking my AB3s but I don’t really need more race day or go faster shoes. Although I am sure that I will rue not going ahead and doing it. Also I looked at a couple of running jackets and while I was tempted I walked out without buying anything.

The Kittery Nike Store had nothing that interested me.

Then I stopped quickly at the New Balance outlet store, since I had to go to McDonalds for a time out. They had a pair of bright orange Fuel Cells in size 9.5 and that if they had been 9.0s might have turned my head a bit harder. I also tried on a pair of 1080 2E in a size 8.0 – I wish other shoes fit that well, but I just could not swallow the price on the (almost full retail) and walked away.

With the power out at home, while I had planned on stopping and doing some Christmas shopping, I just didn’t feel right about taking anymore time and to be honest felt a little guilty about the extra half hour I took in Kittery without buying anything.

After texting with Mary a few more times, I did stop in the Coast Guard Exchange in South Portland. I did get hit with more than a little nostalgia and sort of wished that I was back on active duty again, but I am too damned old now and would be more of a hindrance than an asset – just being honest. Being in the military is a young man’s or woman’s gig, not some old fart’s. I did pick up a bright orang Coast Guard t-shirt and a couple other things.

I got a text from Mary at the Gardiner toll booth that power was back, so that was a good thing! So by the time I got home she had things well in hand. I did get to take Bennie for his last walk – it was pretty short, the wind and the cold made the wind chills in the single digits. I also was able to cover up the vent pieces under our double-wide, so that the wind doesn’t just whistle through now.

Even with the heavy winds and chill temps on the run with Sam this morning it was one of those runs that I really enjoyed. Although my mind was not there as much as it could have been if Mary hadn’t lost power at home – sometimes you just have to make the best of the situation you have at hand.

As I write this the thermometer said 15*F and Weather bug is saying it is still a steady wind out of the NW at 18 mph with higher gusts. So the wind chills are now damn cold and while tomorrow is only going to be cold we are expecting a winter storm on Friday that will leave behind 6-10 inches of snow – according to Charlie Lopresti. We are only half-way through November and getting January/February weather, I wonder how bad those two worst months of Winter are going to be if we are getting this kind of weather already?

Oh well, we will get through it and come out the other side even stronger. 🙂