Weather, Runnin My Test Course and Smiling at the End

Okay, I know that the weather and Mother Nature are very fickle by nature, but this week has been one of those weeks that I will never attempt to understand.

Monday – was okay, almost seasonable about 10* below normal.

Tuesday – cold arse rain

Wednesday – the winds and cold came – freezing up all that rain that was on the ground

Thursday – cold arse temps – like in 10*F/-12*C, but the winds died down

Friday – snow is predicted in the 6-10 inch range

Saturday – 47*F predicted to back to more seasonable temp.

What does all this mean – absolutely nothing probably other than I get to whine a lot about the weather. I just hope that this isn’t a harbinger of the weather that is going to whack us when winter actually gets here. It is supposed to be mid-fall.

So today was spent getting ready for the winter storm and lots of snow predicted, checking out the snowblower to make sure it started, getting extra gas, chopping ice piles out of the driveway – so the snowblower doesn’t bounce around as much and getting the fireplace ready again for the next power outage. I suppose I gotta finally get the generator out of the box and see how that runs.

Oh well – all the winter stuff is heah a month earlier than usual – that all.

I did get a run in, the roads are clear today and while it was still chilly in the high 20’s, the breeze wasn’t bad and with tomorrow’s forecast…well let’s just say getting outside was important today.

After yesterday’s run with Sam and some of our conversations, I had to get out the Tempo 9’s to see if they lived up to our conversation.Which meant that I was going to do my test course for the first time in a while.

I hadn’t planned on doing all that much, because it was still pretty cold and that usually negatively effects my breathing and the shoe’s midsoles. I really think that it doesn’t matter what compound or midsole material is used, that temps below freezing are going to affect the shoe’s cushioning.Well at least that is what I thought.

Starting off, the Tempo 9’s felt comfortable and since I have been running a bit in adidas shoes things were familiar with how the Boost midsole felt. No issues with the forefoot, midfoot or even the heel cup that I could feel in the first half mile.

Going down the steep downhill section was not an issue and when I hit the flats I might have lengthened out my stride just a tad and my mile splits were pretty decent. I ran the old Pepin course and went sub 8:00 for the split 2 – surprised.

I did have to stop at the bottom of Philbrick Hill for a very quick hide behind the tree and then get back to running up that hill. Sub 9:00 for that mile I will take since I wasn’t mentally into running hard uphill today.

Then getting back under 8:00 for that last mile was pretty good.

It didn’t feel like I was working as hard as usual to achieve those paces and I didn’t really think about the shoes all that much, other than the idea that I wasn’t thinking about them – a pretty good sign for me.

One big difference is that my Milestone app claimed that my average stride length was 49″ for this run and when running in other shoes this year it has consistently been 45-46″ – that is a pretty significant change in my mind. It will be interesting to see if that hold true for future runs as well.

The adidas Tempo 9s…hmmmm I ain’t saying nothing, but this was my third fastest time on my test course this year. The other two were in race day type shoes in much warmer weather and the Tempo 9s are going to be daily trainers for me. One run does not make a great shoe, but sometimes first impressions do come true and I am hoping that is the case with the Tempo 9s.

Now to get through tomorrow’s storm and see how the roads are – maybe I will get to Planet Fitness and a bit of time on the treadmill. Otherwise, if things aren’t too bad maybe I will play in the snow and get out a pair of Wildhorses to get outside in. 🙂