First Real Snow Storm and More Time on the Treadmill

It was the usual over-hyped first storm of the season.

In other words not a big deal and in February it would have been “a yawn” and go about our business kind of storm. However, where it was the first “good” snow of the the Fall, it scared the bewillickers out of so many people around heah.

Now it does not help that the infotainment business of weather and the loudly screeching storm crows, makes every storm sound like it is the end of the world as we know it, but it sells screen time and keeps people on their site/channels. After all we never could survive without the hosts screeching about how terrible it is.

So yeah, we ended up with 4-7 inches of snow. The Town Crews did a good job of plowing the roads, the snowblower started right up, my Wildhorses didn’t lead me away and I ran on the treadmill.

I did do snow chauffeur duty, which is part of the deal and cleared the driveways, but really I could have just left them and I have a feeling they would have been just fine in a couple of days.

If the storm wasn’t a big deal, why the treadmill.

1. White Ice under snow without ice grips, carbide tips or screw shoes – means Harold probably will most likely fall and go boom-boom on his bum-bum or slam his head off the asphalt. Plus all that slip sliding away on the ice means strained or torn something or other. Not what I want to do.

Right now I am running and feeling about as good as I have in the last 5-6 years and don’t need to be stoopid about running outside in crappy/slippery weather.

2. I had to be in Augusta anyway and pretty much go right by Planet Fitness.

3. Running in shorts and t-shirt was nicer than bundling up again with temps in the mid 20’s and a nice 15-20 mph breeze.

What did I end up doing?

A comfortable progression run starting at 7.2 mph increasing by 0.1 mph each mile to 7.5 mph. Then I decided to do 5 x 0.1 fast strides alternating with 0.1 rests for the final mile.

Surprisingly, I felt pretty good after yesterday’s quicker run and was surprised that I had this much spring in my step.

I ran again in the adidas Tempo 9s and had zero issues. Although I did change out the laces to shorter one that are orange/blue and they didn’t slap my other leg like the long ones that came with the shoes. The T9s were quiet and very smooth running on the treadmill.

However, I did something that I never do…last night while wandering around Amazon I got a price alert on the Tempo 9s for basically 75% off. I clued in D2 and the wife and there are two more pair of T9s on their way. Yeah, I am very impressed with them.

We will see, but with that decision I will be running in Tempo 9s for the foreseeable future as my primary trainers with the Response 2s for down-back when it is muddy/nasty, RunFasts and AB3s thrown in for good measure (those faster runs) and Wildhorses for really crappy weather.

One thought on “First Real Snow Storm and More Time on the Treadmill

  1. We ended up getting ~15″ of snow … which is pretty huge for where we are (I think we’ve gotten 12+ only a few times in the 10 years we’ve lived here … despite proximity to Syracuse-Rochester-Buffalo, we are protected by lakes & mountains and get much less snow). The forecast was 5-9, which usually means 3-5 for us. So it was a bit of a surprise but everyone was cool

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