Walking on Snow & Running in Augusta

Yesterday was one of those days when you realize or is it remember that simply walking on packed snow with Bennie can be a much different experience and uses your muscles differently than walking on tar or dirt. You get to use all of those fun little stabilizer muscles that you take for granted over the last 6-7 months – a LOT more.

Between balancing on the packed snow and walking a spastic Jack Russell at the same time, those wonderful muscles about wiped me out yesterday. After a 2.5 mile walk down-back – I was toast. While I ran another 3.0 miles a little later, the legs let me know every step that they had been abused too much to even go for that fourth mile.

So this morning I wasn’t sure how they were going to react.

Surprisingly no issues and after a much shorter walk down-back this morning, I decided to Go For A Run in Augusta. I wanted to get a longer run in the Tempo 9s and hoped to get a good 7-8 miles.

Now running from Planet Fitness in Augusta isn’t really all that great a place to run scenery-wise, but I can figure out a couple of longer courses if I head out Civic Center Drive towards Sidney. The only thing is the amount of traffic on OCD is pretty miserable and with it the week before Thanksgiving more than a few were headed to the Marketplace for – get the “early” deals.

I started out comfortably, this morning was not about speed or pace, it was about how my legs were going to feel and how the Tempo 9’s felt on a longer run.

Everything felt pretty good and when I got up by the Commerce Center, I decided to add that on versus having to run all the way out to Steve’s Appliance Store. Not very interesting running around the old SCI factory building that has been converted to State of Maine (primarily) office spaces, but it was the weekend and the traffic was lighter down there.

Eventually I turned around at Whisky Dr. (quite the name) and headed back. I was actually feeling pretty decent had picked up the effort a little and had thought about heading down Leighton to get a total of 8.0 or so miles in. Unfortunately, at about Tractor Supply I got that eerily familiar feeling that told me to head straight in and maybe running a little faster might not be a bad idea.

My last mile was my fastest and I didn’t waste any time walking around to cool-down like I normally would after a longer run. I headed straight in the building.

Overall, it was a very good run. I had dressed almost perfectly for it, I was a bit cool heading into the light breeze, but felt fine with it against my back. The other thing was this is a flatter course and it felt good not to have to face going up Stevens or Philbrick Hills at the end of a longer.

The Tempo 9s did everything I asked of them, though I have to not cinch down the left foot quite as tight next time.

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