About Half an Inch of Sloppy Outside

After yesterday’s longer run, I was looking for about 45:00 minutes of comfortable running. However, while I was waiting to run, we got about a half an inch of snow. You know just enough to make you go yech, but not really enough to claim I needed a rest day either.

Also I wanted to see how the adidas Tempo 9s did on a little snow and wet roads, but I wasn’t going to go down back to play on the white ice in them. I do have a little more respect for falling and what happens when I don’t bounce so well than I used to.

So I trundled out the door and did five laps on the road in front of the house.

Yeah, a real exciting course, but I have learned the hard way out heah, when there is a bit of snow on top of cold asphalt roads (it got down to 17*F last night) to be very cognizant of where I run. Then when the snow starts to melt, that safe rather than sorry is what I need to do.

Especially when the temperature was 28*F, roads that a short time before were melting snow can suddenly have a serious glaze of ice on them all too quickly, if the wind decides to pick up. Usually about half way through a run or when you are heading down a big hill. Things can get dicey very quickly in that kind of situation.

My effort levels were pretty steady throughout the run, although on the last lap I picked it up a little, I was not attempting to go all that fast. I was more concerned about the footing and how the Tempo 9s were doing.

Speaking of the Tempo 9s how did they do on half an inch of snow and wet roads.

No issues, they have great grip, a nice tread pattern that snow doesn’t cake up (or at least it didn’t for me today). I felt in control on turns and could pick up the pace when I wanted in the snowy sections. Well, except on one patch of road that I would have preferred some carbide tips, due to the passage of some vehicles and how they compressed the snow down to ice in that section.

Although my feet did get pretty wet splashing around out there, but I also found out that I can wear my Darn Tough merino wools socks with the Tempo 9s, so my feet while a bit wet, were not really cold either. That is one thing I am liking a lot about the Tempo 9s – they are not a fussy shoe for me when it comes to which socks I need to wear with them.

With the tread on the bottom, I would not hesitate to run in the Tempo 9s for most of my winter running outside. Although during a nasty storm or if I was running the snowmobile trails I know that I would want shoes with a little more grip and a more weather resistant upper.

A good run and I got to put some more of the Tempo 9 puzzle together.

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