Day 2 of Heart-Rate Training – Frustrating

This was only day 2 of my dive into experimenting with heart rate training and I will be honest, it is harder on me mentally than it is physically. I guess it is an ego thing and even being an old fart, I still have one.

Okay Harold get over it.

Suck it up and get the MAF book to learn more about what heart-rate training is all about. Yes, I have read snippets, articles, and looked at YouTube videos, but I need to get a little more in depth. I know how to compute my heart rate and that stuff, but still haven’t gotten it through my noggin how this actually is going to make me a better runner. Running slower on my rest days is good, but going slower for an extended period of time is counter-intuitive to the way that I think about running.

I figured that my max heart-rate per the MAF method would be 135 bpm and since I couldn’t do the test on the track as recommended. So yesterday I did 4.0 miles and tried to maintain that heart-rate. I started out at 6.5 mph and ended up running at 5.9 mph to stay under the 138 bpm that I needed to average 135 bpm.

Which gave me a decent baseline to figure out about what speed I needed to start to see if I could maintain under 135 bpm for the entire 4.0 miles.

6.0 mph

That is where I started 6.0 mph and kept it there for 3.8 miles without any problems. At around 3.5 miles my heart-rate started to creep up over the 135 bpm and then would bounce back down again. It stopped bouncing around at the 3.8 mile point and I decreased the speed down to 5.9 mph, but that didn’t decrease the heart-rate and I was starting to get to 140 bpm. So I slowed down to 5.7 mph and the heart-rate came back down to 135 bpm.

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