Finally A Decent Heart-Rate Based Run

Well that run was the first MAF or heart-rate training that I didn’t feel completely frustrated. My Garmin FR35’s heart-rate monitor worked like I expected it to, I wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere and I was able to keep moving ahead without the negativity going on in my head about going so slow.

Down-back was finally runnable again and I really prefer to run outside when the conditions favor it. Today the roads were dry, the sun was out and while there was a 10mph or so breeze and 23*F when I left the house – close enough. I have run in colder and worse conditions. I was dressed correctly and had no issues with the weather.

I started out with what I felt was going to end up being a 135 bpm run and tried to maintain a steady pace throughout the run. It took a mile or so to get up to that 135 bpm range and I worked hard to stay below the max. Continue reading “Finally A Decent Heart-Rate Based Run”