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Month: January 2019

A Couple of Easy Days

Friday’s run was one of those easy 6 mile runs in the Hansons Marathon plan, which I have been using to prep for a half marathon in April and also […]

Week 3 – 2018

Well…it certainly has been an interesting week, that is to say the least. Cold, sub-zero temperatures, snow, sleet and just some nasty winds made being outside less joyful and more […]

A Long Time on the Treddy

I switched my scheduled 10.0 mile long run to today, because it doesn’t look like anything but some serious snow removal several times probably, will be all the workouts that […]

Changing the Plan For Some Reason

Hey, do you believe it, I actually ran outside this morning. The temps hit 20*F and the winds were not howling. No, it was not a warm run, but it […]

Confusing Myself Needlessly

Sometimes I am an complete and utter…idiot, putz, or whatever word you use to describe someone who cannot make up his mind or at the very least is easily confused. […]

A MishMash and a Good 5.0 Miler

Let’s see how many treadmill days I can get in a row…isn’t that what I am trying accomplish? Naw, it just seems to be working out that way. I like […]

Week 2 of 2019 – Recap

Another week of treadmill training done…at least it is safe and not a problem remaining upright or not freezing my arse off. Other than some bloody nipples from sweating way […]

A 5.0 Mile Tempo Run

When the thermometer say 4*F and the winds are around 10 mph, even Bennie doesn’t dwaddle along. While it was sure purty down-back, when we got to the lower gate, […]

Not What I Call a Rest Day

No Running Today, but it sure as hell was not a rest day. Yesterday’s multi-type storm made clean-up, both necessary and a pain-in-the-arse. Okay, first walk with Bean was okay, […]