Week 1 of 2019 – Looking Back

The first week of 2019, was an interesting one to say the least.

My running went really well this week, even though I did most of my running on the treadmill. It just is more enjoyable than freezing my arse off outside during January in Maine. 🙂 Continue reading “Week 1 of 2019 – Looking Back”

Just Running and Having Fun While Doing It

Well after walking down-back with Bennie in a bit of a snow squall, I decided that running on the treadmill was going to be a better choice this morning.

Besides I was just a little interested in how my first run back to not paying attention to my heart-rate, was going to compare to where I was before I started the heart-rate training experiment.

To be honest I was interested to see if I had lost any endurance over the last three weeks, while doing heart-rate training. Continue reading “Just Running and Having Fun While Doing It”