First Successful 12 x Quarters in Years

Hey, the first major success of 2019, I was able to complete a 12 x .25 repeats, with .25 recoveries – something that I have not been able to do in years!

Fist pump!!! Yeah.

With nasty weather outside, there was not way I was going to do speedwork on anything but the treadmill. Although Bennie and I did get a 2.0 mile walk in before I left for the gym.

Last night I was re-reading Hanson’s Marathon Method (no I am not going to do a marathon), because I remembered that it had a LOT of great ideas and sound advice that a lot of runners have used successfully.

Now I have done pretty well in the avoiding injury department lately (knock on wood), because I am running a little smahter than I have in the past. However, when I re-read the section on how they plan their speed work, a big arse light came on for me. Ummmm Harold maybe you are attempting to run too fast for your actual conditioning and your recoveries have been at what I would expect to be Marathon Race Pace.

That remembering how I used to train versus how I should be training. Continue reading “First Successful 12 x Quarters in Years”