Speed Session 1/2 Mile Repeats and Books

It would have been a perfect day for a run down-back…however, I am trying really hard to do this training plan the best that I can. So even though it was a gorgeous winter day outside, I ran my speed workout of 6 x 1/2 mile @ 8.2 mph on the treadmill.

To be honest the tracks up heah are rather occupied by a nice layer of snow or the rail trail usually having uncertain footing this time of year and even with temps in the 30s those kind of temps in the past have resulted in too many strains or pains that are simply avoided by running in warmer temps. Indoors is the primary option and since I don’t want to pay for the indoor track at Colby, Planet Fitness’ treadmill is the answer that I have. Continue reading “Speed Session 1/2 Mile Repeats and Books”