Confusing Myself Needlessly

Sometimes I am an complete and utter…idiot, putz, or whatever word you use to describe someone who cannot make up his mind or at the very least is easily confused. After a lot of researching, trying, experimenting and eventually attempting more than a few running philosophies over the last year or so, I finally settled on the Hansons Method as fitting closest to how I tend to perceive training.

So I got the Hansons Marathon Method book and started following the plan at week 5, because it seemed to be about where I was at the time, even though I have no plans to run a marathon this spring, I used the 3:40 marathon pace training plan to start my half marathon training, because that is the 60 year old Boston Qualifying standard at this point.

The great news is that I finished week 5 no problem and have started week 6. Although most of the training has been on the treadmill, but it has been my experience that my treadmill running transfers decently to running outside with a little bit of transition.

However, since I am focused on running a spring Half Marathon, I thought it probably would be a great idea to get the Hansons Half Marathon Training book. So I ordered the Half Marathon plan book. However, my goal time for the half is a sub 1:40:00 which is a much faster pace than my 3:40:00 marathon pace goal. Continue reading “Confusing Myself Needlessly”