Changing the Plan For Some Reason

Hey, do you believe it, I actually ran outside this morning. The temps hit 20*F and the winds were not howling. No, it was not a warm run, but it wasn’t horrible either. I did exactly what I wanted after yesterday’s harder tempo run – a nice recovery run.

However, based on Sunday’s weather forecast I did skip my scheduled 4.0 miler to what I would have done on Saturday and have moved up my 10.0 mile long run to Saturday, since there is a good probability that I won’t leave the house to do anything but snowblow the driveways.

The run itself was not anything special, but I paid for experimenting with eating cereal yesterday and needed to take a pit stop after 3.0 miles. Which meant that I turned up from Leighton Road and went back into to Planet Fitness instead of heading out around the Commerce Center. Once I did that I didn’t have any desire to head back outside to finish up the next 3.0 that I needed get my 6.0 miles. Continue reading “Changing the Plan For Some Reason”